Lovecraftian Adventure Conarium Will Chill Your Very Core

You’re Frank Gilman, a noble scientist on a groundbreaking Antarctic expedition, but something’s gone terribly wrong. You’ve died, and inexplicably, you’ve returned to the living with strange memories that aren’t quite yours. This is Conarium, a Lovecraftian horror game inspired by the chilling, supernatural novella At the Mountains of Madness but set during the aftermath.

Players are slowly intertwined in a story that pushes to the limits, assaulting the senses with a haunting, atmospheric soundtrack, ominous graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, and dark secrets that are perhaps better left untouched. Gameplay will consist of guiding Frank around the antarctic base (as well as through dreams and visions) in search of clues, but he isn’t alone: Macabre beings float through the halls, a strange device continues emitting frightening patterns of lights, and the noises just won’t stop.

Conarium is expected to come out for PC but has no release date just yet.