Eidos Montreal Boss Shuts Down New Thief Game Rumor

Late last week we heard a rumor about Thief 5 being in development. The rumor was stirred around by Straight Up Films, who currently handle the production on the upcoming Thief movie.

However, it seems that your dreams of a Thief 5 have been squashed. Eidos Montreal’s boss, David Anfossi took to Twitter to let fans down in the gentlest way possible. Check out the tweet down below:

Thief 4 launched way back in 2014 shorty after the release of the PS4 and Xbox One. But to a lot of people’s surprise, the game didn’t manage to sell that well. Now Thief 5 or whatever the next step Eidos Montreal and Square Enix take are still unclear, perhaps another reboot for the franchise is in order or they jump off the 2014 title.

With Thief 5 seemingly shut down by Anfossi, would you have liked to see Thief 5 come to fruition or would you want them to wait a little longer before a new Thief game releases? Let us know in the comments below!