Latest Video Shows Life With A Wii U

Another day, another video from Nintendo that shows off what their upcoming console is all about. Though their most recent might be the most interesting and effect one yet. Instead of the merits of the system being rattled off by some head of state, we just have an average joe, going about his business, and the Wii U simply helping things along.

What makes this particular clip so compelling is its rather frank and honest portrayal of the user. We're so used to seeing commercial that border on propaganda, in which a Nintendo user puts the company's offerings on a pedestal. But here instead we see a routine that's very much common, and a realization from Nintendo that most people these days have a lot going on.

From a game being suspended to make refreshment, to a game being suspended for a quick check of something on the web because one was curious about something real quick like. In the past, we would have never seen a Nintendo commercial in which someone is playing a Mario game and does not give it their 100% attention. Also, many of us can relate to turning on the TV and then immediately focusing on something else more immediate.