Paragon Age of Intellect 4.0 Update Bring Reworks And A New Hero Into The Mix

Epic Game’s third-person MOBA, Paragon is set to have its next major update May 16th and it looks like players are in for quite an interesting switch up as well as awesome new additions to the action-packed title.

First off, players can expect a new hero, Phase a ranged offensive support character:

Phase began to exhibit powers at a young age and was sent to Tryon Industries for special “care”. When the other subjects staged a break out, she joined the cause. Once free, she hid her powers blending in with everyday life in Omeda City, until that is, she was led to Agora.

Unleash your ally’s true potential with extraordinary abilities that can only be harnessed through the power of Phase. Link to your allies and empower them to fight longer, harder and more fiercely than you ever thought possible.

Certain heroes will also be receiving a rework like Steel and Murock:

Several popular Heroes have been reworked or changed in ways that improve usability, and will change how players approach the battlefield. Some of the oldest Heroes like Steel and Murock have had kit updates to make them more viable in combat; even some newer Heroes like Shinbi has seen changes to unlock her full potential.

Paragon’s card system is chaning completely:

While Paragon’s card system is being completely reworked, Epic continues to update existing cards to reflect the general direction for the future. This includes several reworks of niche cards alongside updated functionality and balance across the full library.

And a host of different changes are coming to the game:

Additionally, Monthly Vault Rewards have been added, the Jungle sees a number of gameplay-impacting changes, and so much more.

To see the full list of patch notes, click the link here.