Payday 2 VR BETA Scheduled For Release This Year

Starbreeze’s PayDay 2 will be receiving a VR version coming in the very near future.

Starbreeze has confirmed that the VR version of The Bank robbery FPS title will be the complete full version, and not just a repurposed title for VR. The entire game will be playable, along with your previous unlocks and progression stats. Currently, it’s only scheduled for HTC Vive,¬†whether it will be making an appearance on the Oculus, we will have to see.

The title will be Co-op between PC and HTC Vive users, and people who already own a PC version will receive a VR version free.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Personally, I believe Payday 2 is exactly what we needed for VR, sure I could get over the heist simulator being more so a massacre of annoying AI, it was the PS4 version’s sticky controls left a sour taste in my mouth and didn’t give me a chance to experience it to it’s fullest. I think VR will do the title justice as it seems players won’t have to deal with sticky controls as much and the novelty of playing in VR will likely overshadow the annoying AI.

What do you think of Payday 2 in VR? Worth a try? Let us know in the comments.