Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Has Been Downloaded Over 20M Times

Mobile title Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has exceeded 20 million downloads since its worldwide release last June, Square Enix has revealed. The announcement comes in time for its one year anniversary, which will be celebrated by free Brave Exvius themed events or ‘fan festas’ at multiple locations around the world. Even though Brave Exvius is a free game, passive downloads have made it one of the key forces driving net sales and operating income for Square Enix, alongside Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy XV

In early January, it was revealed that pop singer Ariana Grande would be joining the game as a character. Square Enix’s announced the collaboration with the star after racking up nine million downloads of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. 

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is out now for Android and iOS. Originally released for Japanese audiences in 2015, it is a spinoff from the main series which captures elements from both Final Fantasy and Brave Frontier.