Become a Giant Mecha Warrior & Save the World in VRobot

Osamu Tezuka used manga as a vehicle to warn us about the abuse of technology, and seem intent on addressing similar concerns through a game. VRobot is a freshly released virtual reality title that’s all about harnessing the power of a Giant Robot to do good. Somewhere along the line of human existence, things went catastrophically wrong, and a swarm of robots, ships and driverless cars took over. It’s now up to players to set things straight by cleaning up the city and enabling citizens to return home.

There are special tools to master, such as the Tornado Maker and Tractor Beam, a gigantic black hole that’s stuck in the sky for no apparent reason, and the wicked SuperRobot 3000 who must be defeated.

VRobot is now available via Steam for $14.99 USD – a virtual reality headset (either HTC Vive or Oculus Rift) is required. You can get a taste of its gameplay right here.