Sci-Fi Strategy Stellium Plots a Course For Kickstarter

Described as a hybrid of Fallout Shelter and Her Story, science fiction resource management game Stellium is fast approaching its kickstarter campaign launch. Argentinian developer Blyts captures the ambience of traditional graphic adventures and puts players in the shoes of Frank Donner, a director of an industrial mining facility set in a desolate world. Dome 61 specialises in extracting a rare material known as ‘Stellium’, known for its atmosphere repairing abilities, but lately, facility supplies are dwindling and members of the crew are falling prey to a horrifying virus.

Players are tasked with keeping Dome 61 operational by any means necessary, including the delegation of work to appropriate specialists, the development of new facilities that boost worker efficiency and, if at all possible, preventing the spread and transmission of the pathogen before it’s too late.

Stellium is expected to release in 2018 for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The kickstarter will go live on May 10.