Take A Look At The Very Positive Humble Bundle

We’ve covered Humble Bundle in the past as it’s a great service. Gamers can score a number of video games surrounded around a theme or partnership at a discounted price. Likewise, there is an incentive to get gamers paying just a bit more than the bare minimum.

As mentioned, the service offers gamers a means to pick up a plethora of video game titles at a discount. Oftentimes, a publisher may partner up with Humble Bundle to feature a collection of their video game titles where gamers can pay a fee to unlock the video game titles while also donating money towards a featured charity.

Normally, Humble Bundle’s offer three tiers of video game titles. Each tier has a minimum fee to unlock the video games within the specific tier. However, if players opt to purchase the top tier, the previous two tiers will unlock as well.

This latest Humble Bundle is known as the Very Positive Bundle where gamers can donate money with their purchase towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Special Effect The Gamer’s Charity. Take a look at the available video game titles from the bundle. Keep in mind that the bundle only has a few days left until it’s taken down.

Pay What You Want
  • Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings
  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters
  • They Bleed Pixels
Pay $6.33 To Also Unlock
  • Hacknet
  • Crashlands
  • UnderRail
Pay $10 To Also Unlock
  • Stephen’s Sausage Roll
  • Curious Expedition