Bossa Labs Delays Launch of Worlds Adrift Closed Beta

Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Labs has announced it will be pushing back the closed beta of upcoming sandbox MMO Worlds AdriftThe decision, which will delay the closed beta by “weeks, not months” came after alpha feedback from the latest playtest suggested Worlds Adrift still suffered from various bugs and issues.

As a result, Bossa Labs is zeroing in on things like connection issues through major game updates, and explains that the delay will make sure the closed beta is “as good as possible”. Below are a list of updates which have been implemented since the playtest:

  • More metal with less respawn time on starter islands – So it’s quicker to build ships
  • Fixed connection issues affecting some players – So you don’t get prevented from logging in
  • Thunderstorms have changed – They now damage shipyards and we’ve reduced the amount of time the screen shakes
  • More respawn fun – We’ve added more respawn chambers to reduce the likelihood of camping / griefing

The closed beta will introduce a character creator, which lets players name their character, customise hair style, hair colour and other personal attributes. Worlds Adrift is expected to release sometime in 2017.