Unity Technologies Launches Vision VR Summit Today

If you happen to be walking around the Loews Hollywood Hotel today and see groups of people sporting oversized goggles, don’t be alarmed – Unity’s Vision VR/AR Summit is officially underway. Roughly two weeks ago, Unity Technologies announced that additional keynote speakers would be attending this year’s Vision VR/AR Summit. The Vision VR/AR Summit, which successfully debuted last year, is a platform bringing like minded individuals together to discuss the creation of games, art, journalism and more through the power of cutting edge technologies. Specifically, the event focuses on expanding the knowledge of anyone creating augmented or virtual reality projects using Unity.

This year’s event promises to build on the last one, and will feature a range of talks and sessions to inspire creative applications of XR (Extended reality) technology, including but not limited to:

  • Richard Dawkins’ talk on Constrained Virtual Reality: A technology that is millions of years old
  • VR Demo of the Mars Rover from JPL/NASA
  • Never-before-seen 360 clip of the Super Bowl
  • Exclusive announcements from Google and others
  • Fireside chat between Oculus CEO, Brandon Iribe, and Unity CEO, John Riccitiello

Those who can’t attend but are interested in viewing a livestream of the event can do so right now via YouTube or Facebook.