Classic Board Game Pictionary Comes to Smartphones

Developer Etermax has teamed up with Mattel to bring popular board game Pictionary to a modern new home. Starting from today, art enthusiasts across the globe will be able to download Pictionary absolutely free for iOS and Android. As per the original game, one player needs to draw a particular object, while the other player has to guess its corresponding word. This time around there is also a real-time 2v2 challenge, where players are pitted against friends or random opponents, and will receive virtual coins as a prize should they identify pictures correctly.

Here’s a list of the main features from Pictionary reborn:

  • Two distinct, engaging game modes
  • Thousands of words in various languages
  • Prize chests full of exciting gifts!
  • Visually stunning interface, fun animations, and loveable characters
  • Upgraded tools and new colors around every corner
  • A twist on the classic look and gameplay you know and love

Download Pictionary from the App Store or the Google Play Store.