DICE Wants To Add More Depth For Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront launched as a reboot in 2015 for the masses and while the game received mixed towards mostly positive reviews online though there were a number of issues that gamers felt that DICE could have done to make the game a more popular hit with gamers.

Recently, PlayStation Lifestyle interviewed a number of key individuals that are working with Star Wars: Battlefront II. While the interview wasn’t fully published just yet, the publication did showcase one question that was asked.

Speaking to Bernd Diemer, the creative director for DICE, PlayStation Lifestyle asked just what the development team wanted to add in immediately for the sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront II. Apparently, DICE wanted to give players a bit more depth within the game.

“On the gameplay side, we said, “Okay, we have the core gameplay…we’ve got it nailed.” There are things we need to improve and we want to build on, but the main thing we wanted to add was depth.

Give more reasons to stick around, try out different heroes, try out different trooper types, and that’s why we introduced classes. There’s a little bit more variety in the team-play, not everybody is the same, and you can now form your own squad if that is your thing.”

This will mean a bit more strategy when going through different matches online with friends. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been too many details regarding on just what classes will be included in the video game just yet, though we’ll likely know more information during this year’s E3 expo.