Activision CEO Explains Why Call of Duty Will Return To Its Roots

It seems that the first-person shooter franchises can get a bit stale after turning out similar settings and storylines over the years which as a result may have prompted both the Battlefield and Call of Duty series to make a turn towards the past. Battlefield saw a release set within World War I and now next year Call of Duty is returning to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII.

However, while Call of Duty may be releasing their title a year after the announcement and success of Battlefield’s World War I installment, the decision to make Call of Duty: WWII came three years ago. This bit of news comes from a Polygon interview with Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg as he explained the reason why the franchise is going back to its roots.

“We’re all plugged into the same cultural rhythms to a certain extent. Specifically to us, three years ago when we greenlit this thing, we definitely just thought it was time to take the franchise back to its roots.”

This seems like an amazing feat for Activision to plan on a World War II themed video game title years prior when the franchise was still making incredible sales with their current and futuristic war settings.

“Well I certainly can’t comment on any influences that might have an impact on our competitors, I can speak for us and you know I totally acknowledge that these things do seem to happen in waves like this. I mean three years ago when we dreamed up this game and decided it was time to go back to our roots, we could not have known at that time that the year we would launch it would be a year in which there would be several World War II movies in the theaters and that there would be other competitors going back to historical settings.”

At any rate, there is a ton of hype for the upcoming Call of Duty video game installment which is a drastic change compared to the lack of interest towards the previous installment release, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. More details regarding their upcoming World War II video game will likely be unveiled during this year’s E3 expo.