Gamer Manages To Open Breath of the Wild Underwater Chest

The latest release of The Legend of Zelda franchise is full of hidden items for gamers to discover. Nintendo hit a home run with gamers when it came to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and after being released back in March of this year, there are still countless mysteries left to be solved.

This latest installment takes players into a massive open world environment, where gamers are free to explore anywhere within their journey. With this exploration, a few hidden gems have been found, though there is still plenty of mystery left to be solved.

For instance, there is a mysterious chest that has been discovered below waters and despite several attempts, gamers have been left without the ability to actually surfacing the chest to reveal what lays hidden inside. That’s until recently when one gamer finally managed to unearth the sunken chest and open it for the world to see.

Uploaded to YouTube, content creator Ramallo discovered that he could open the chest through the means of an older version of the Cemu emulator. Because the emulator is full of glitches, a bug allowed Ramallo to walk below the water freely open the chest. Although there were high hopes that the chest would deliver something grand, it seems that Nintendo opted to put a single Opal within it.

Regardless of Nintendo not cramming tons of loot for gamers to enjoy when discovering an official way to open the chest, this is one mystery that we can officially put to rest.