Wii U Emulator Delivers Super Mario in 4K Resolution

Cemu is a Wii-U emulator that is the work of Team Cemu, and they are seeking to deliver Nintendo’s console experience on the PC platform. Cemu will improve on Nintendo’s current foundation by offering new ways to customize their graphics. Cemu has also remastered titles like Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X in 4K.

The ability to upscale games is one of the more impressive customizations, which had seemed almost impossible until now. The game looks gorgeous in 4K, as showcased in the Youtube video linked below. A lot of people seem to be focused forward on what the Nintendo Switch console has to offer, but Team Cemu has proven that there is still more for the Wii U experience.

In order to get the full 4K experience, of course, gamers will need to move to the PC, but Cemu’s work is still incredibly impressive nonetheless. It is unlikely that the Switch will have support for 4k visuals or upscaling given the console’s focus on portability.

This also goes to show that there may be a benefit to improved visuals for Nintendo games, even if the company chooses to put gameplay above all else. Super Mario looks fantastic at higher resolutions, and there is still the exciting promise of what the Switch version of Mario will look like.