Red Dead Redemption GTA V Mod Cancelled

This year has brought plenty of attention to the Red Dead Redemption franchise, largely due to the reveal trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2. While gamers are eagerly awaiting to see just what Rockstar Games brings to the table with the sequel, PC gamers are still waiting for an actual PC port to launch on digital marketplaces of the original Red Dead Redemption title.

While not being a port, a team of modders that went by the name .White was working on a mod for Grand Theft Auto V to give PC players means to somewhat enjoy Red Dead Redemption. The mod was revealed a few months ago in which the team of modders had planned to bring over the entire map of Red Dead Redemption to Grand Theft Auto V.

Though it wasn’t stated just when the mod was set to release for the general public, the team had planned to launch a trailer within the coming week which would have shown off all the hard work that went into the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that a trailer release matters all that much anymore as the mod will not be seeing any kind of a release online.

A member of .White announced through the GTA Forums that the team was contacted and forced to stop, likely by publishers Take Two.

“I know this (a) hard pill to swallow, but as you may have noticed we did get contacted, and we sadly have to say we are stopping this project. So thanks guys, we were all so happy to see this, but it isn’t going to happen, sorry.”

The developer went on to say that this was a mod simply to bring the map and not any part of the storyline would have been brought over. Although, it seems that there’s always a glimmer of hope as the developer did state that he would not throw away three years of work.