Injustice 2: Shattered Alliances Part 5 Released; New Villain Brings Enemies Together

NetherRealm Studios released part five of the ongoing Injustice 2 trailer series — Shattered Alliances. Today, viewers get a good look at the what seems to be the main antagonist of the game, Brainiac.

The trailer shows fans that Brainiac has arrived at Earth and is looking to capture the planet for himself, and anyone in his way will be destroyed. This is where the two heroes – Batman and Superman, have to put their differences aside to make sure Brainiac does not succeed.

Watch the trailer down below:

The first part of Shattered Alliances viewers learned how Superman became one of Earth’s greatest threats; part-two of the trailer showcases the escalating conflict between Batman’ resistance and Superman’s regime and part three shows players Supergirl’s side of the story; part four dug deeper into the origins of the anti-Justice League, The Society, and saw them fight to fill the void left by the collapse of Superman’s Regime.

NetherRealm Studios have been doing a great job keeping players interested in the game’s story with these small tidbit trailers. The studio recently released a new gameplay trailer showcasing one of the villains of the game – Captain Cold. The trailer gives players a better look at Captain Cold’s moves, specials, and more. Check it out here.

Injustice 2 launches for PS4 and Xbox One on May 16.