Bayonetta Sells Over 100,00 Copies During First Week on Steam


Remember Bayonetta, that intriguing title by Platinum games which released a couple years back on PS3 Xbox 360 and Wii U, featuring a very sexy dual wielding pistol witch? Seems like fans loved it so much that it finally warranted a Port to PC – and thank god that it did – because the PC debut of Bayonetta on Steam has sold approximately 102,120 copies at the time of writing this post according to steamspy, a steam statistic tool.

At the time of release nearly 8 years ago, Bayonetta was a hit with hack and slash, running and gunning fans. Players were thrust into a dangerous world using weapons such as firearms, swords and a variety of shapeshifting abilities. The game was praised for its brutal combos and extremely fun gameplay mechanics. It’s often been compared to other similar titles such as Devil May Cry (another game that the game Director, Hideki Kamiya, previously worked on.).

Although there has been no sequel for Bayonetta as of yet (unless you count the Wii U version), Platinum games went on to develop a couple hits over the recent years such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and the more recent NieR: Automata.

Bayonetta is now available on PC via Steam, as well as the last-gen consoles. What did you think of Bayonetta when it released? A title worth revisiting on PC? Let us know in the comments.