Rocket League Surpasses 1 Million Physical Sales Milestone

Psynoix has surpassed a new major milestone as Rocket League sells 1 million physical copies of the hit car meets soccer title.

The game originally released as a digital only game a couple years back, however, ever since the debut of the game, gamers have been eating up all the action the game has been dishing out. According to over 9.5m games have been sold via Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live since launch.


Pysonix has told the site that even though some existing fans went out to re-buy the physical edition of the game, a vast majority of purchases were from “new gamers”

“How do we know? Because post-launch we can track new accounts and compare those against both physical and digital sales and the math of it all says that it’s mostly a new audience,” says Psyonix VP of publishing Jeremy Dunham.

Rocket League has been a major success for indie developer Psyonix. The game is still running strong as more DLC is planned for the game, and a Nintendo Switch version is currently being “evaluated”.

If you want Rocket League to make its way to the Switch, just make sure you let the developers know, whether it’s Reddit, Forums or Twitter; let your voices heard!