Rocket League VC “Evaluating” Bringing the Game To The Switch

Looks like Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is becoming less of a dream and more of a reality. Psyonix Studios’ Vice President Jeremy Dunham stated that the team is currently assessing whether the move to Switch would be something that its community would want- but that it’s too early to say either way.

“Just like all the other platforms, we are evaluating it. We’re looking to see what the technical requirements are,” Dunham said. “We’re looking to see what kind of true community demand there is. We’re looking to see how it would benefit the community as a whole. So we’re still in that evaluation phase. It’s definitely too early to say that it wouldn’t happen, but it’s also definitely too early to say that it would.”

“I think we’ve shown over time we’re a community-based company, and so what we’re doing first is seeing what kind of impact that would have and who needs it and who wants the game and we’ll go from there,” Dunham said. “Luckily the platform’s only been out for a month, so we have plenty of time to look to see how it’s doing and what our audience wants.”

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