The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Patch 1.1.2 Tweak Discovered

We reported recently of Nintendo sending out the third update patch for their incredibly successful video game title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This patch that was sent out just yesterday which has brought gamers on both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles to version 1.1.2, however, it wasn’t revealed as to what Nintendo updated within the video game.

Instead, Nintendo is pretty cryptic when it comes to their updates for Breath of the Wild. Gamers were only told that the patch would bring further adjustments for a more pleasant gaming experience. However, it seems that some gamers have discovered at least one thing that’s been tweaked in the open-world video game.

At one point, gamers could take part in an infinite arrow farming glitch. By placing Link within a certain safe spot, gamers can consistently pick up Bokoblin Archer arrows that were fired at Link. In fact, gamers could pick up a total of 999 of these arrows by using this exploit.

With the new patch that was sent out, gamers who are on version 1.1.2 can no longer use this exploit as the game prevents Link from picking up more than ten arrows. Of course, some gamers have already found a workaround, though it will take quite a bit more time farming for these arrows than before.

To do the workaround, gamers will have to rest for any amount of time which would reset the counter and allow gamers to pick up additional ten arrows. This will be a whole lot slower to do than in the past, but it can still allow gamers to gather more arrows if need be.