Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Revival May Not Be In The Works

The internet was quick to blow up a rumor that suggested we would see a revival of the popular Star Wars RPG title, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Since the rumor began to spread online, new reports may have cleared things up stating that this title revival or remaster is currently not in the works after all.

Kotaku reported that the rumor came from Liam Robertson, known for his work on Unseen64, a YouTube channel that specializes in covering past video game projects that never came to fruition. While speaking on a podcast, Liam Robertson made a statement that alerted the world of a source claiming BioWare Austin is currently working on Star Wars video games, the first being some sort of a remake or revival of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This statement spread like wildfire online with gamers believing that we would soon receive news regarding the fabled Star Wars video game project. Unfortunately, a contradicting report came from Kotaku as well when they stated their sources familiar with BioWare Austin noted that the development team did play around with the idea of a revival though that was not something currently in the works.

When reaching out towards Liam Robertson, Kotaku found that Robertson didn’t mean for that rumor to spread as far as it did. Though he did learn about the revival from a source, he may have gotten the facts wrong and was going off from memory when speaking on the podcast.

It seems that we may not receive the revival of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic after all, or at the very least, it’s not a title slated to launch in the near future.