Star Story: The Horizon Escape is a Colourful Point ‘N’ Click With a Comic Book Soul

Russian developer EvilCoGames makes their independent debut with Star Story: The Horizon Escape, a 2D adventure game that blends the best of Wild West and science fiction. In it, players pilot a space ship that crashes on a foreign planet with colourful backgrounds, mechanical beasts and an eclectic cast of locals to interact with. Your mission is simple: Craft weaponry, trade technologies, emerge victorious in countless turn-based battles and of course, escape the planet in one piece. Check out the melodic trailer below for a taste of the gameplay:

Game features in more detail:

  • The Alignment Scale – Talk, explore, make decisions! Trade alignment points for new technologies and tools.
  • Turn-based combat – Plan your next move. Stun your enemies, set them on fire, remove their shields! And don’t forget that they can strike back…
  • Your base and workshop – Turn on the music, tell the droids to process resources, and craft a few gadgets in the meantime. These tools will help you to solve riddles and deal with enemies (and even avoid them sometimes).
  • Beautiful world – The Horizon is not only about deserts. Enjoy the view, but remember: you’re not alone…
  • Colourful characters – Meet the locals! Who is more to your liking? Bandits or traders? Mindless sand shrimps or Church of St. Intellect? Killer-droids or crazy scientists? Maybe you should try to get along with all dwellers of this planet… It’s up to you to decide!

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is expected to release on Steam (PC) on April 13.