Former Ubisoft Developer Opens New Indie Studio

After working for Ubisoft for seven long years, developer Alex Hutchinson has taken his leave. This announcement came from his personal Twitter account where the developer made mention that he is hard at work building a brand new studio.

Alex Hutchinson has a few notable video game titles that he was part of during his time at Ubisoft. Working as a game director, Alex oversaw projects such as Assassin’s Creed 3 along with Far Cry 4. Though now the developer has revealed his departure from Ubisoft and the creation of Typhoon Studios.

As mentioned, the developer made the announcement through his personal Twitter account where he unveiled that fellow game developer Reid Schneider along with a few others who are currently unnamed have begun the initial work at building their indie studio.

Being that this is an indie company, the scale of video games will likely be pulled back when compared to his previous work at Ubisoft. However, it’s proven time again that indie titles can pack a massive punch within the industry, becoming instant critical acclaim hits.

Regardless, Alex did note that the development studio is still very much in the early stages with hiring staff and setting up their office. Though we may not see any official video game announcements from Typhoon Studios in the near future, the developers are currently coming up with new ideas and worlds that they can deliver for gamers to enjoy.

For now, we’ll have to wait and keep tabs with the studio and its future announcements.