Battlegrounds Hotfix Applied to Servers Today, Game Patch Drops Tomorrow

A second patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be released tomorrow. It will be made available on both clients and servers Thursday, April 6, starting at 1 am PT/ 4 am ET/ 9 am UK.

As outlined last week, the development team is pushing out regular updates daily, weekly, and monthly. Daily updates will improve server performance, and the weekly updates focus on bug fixes, stability, and client performance.

The first client optimization patch will be released later this month, and a hotfix was applied to the servers earlier today to fix performance issues. The latter was caused by “an issue within the Unreal Engine core code” which led the server to believe it was being DDoS’ed. This is why a significant amount of users over the last week reported lag and rubberbanding.

PlayerUnknown said it will continue to work on server stability and performance updates daily, as outlined. Below you will find the Week 2 patch notes for Battlegrounds.

Performance Improvements

  • Client performances have improved when loading buildings from a mid-distance
  • Server performance has been improved

World: Fixed the issue that was causing buildings from a long distance to not be visible


  • Fixed an issue with door sounds playing at low volume
  • Adjusted volume of wind, rain, and footsteps
  • Improved the sounds for the buggy
  • When in rainy weather, you will now sporadically hear thunder sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to hide and attack other players from inside a rock
  • Applied additional fixes to address the issue of players going under the map in certain areas
  • Fixed several issues with weapon switching
  • Fixed an issue with the compass direction not displaying correctly