For Honor Has Nearly 4000 Negative Reviews on Steam 2 Months After Launch

It looks like Ubisoft’s medieval multiplayer-only sword fighting title, For Honor, hasn’t been resonating well with PC fans. As of today, there are nearly 4000 negative reviews on Steam – this is a pretty insane number considering the game only released two months ago.

So where did the game go wrong? At launch critics and fans alike praised the game for its visuals and out of the box gameplay, it looked like For Honor was well on it’s way to success.

Judging from most of the complaints, three main issues seemed to continuously pop up, these being:

  1. Unstable Connection, players will get disconnected during sweaty brutal face-offs.
  2. Balancing issues, the classes are imbalanced and need revisions.
  3. The grind to ‘finish the game’ is ridiculous, recently it was discovered that it would take an average of two years for players to unlock every item in the shop.

What have you thought about For Honor so far? Worth sticking through these three issues? Let us know in the comments