comScore Data Indicates Pokemon Go Shows 80% Drop In Daily Users

It is no question that Pokemon Go ruled the summer of 2016. However, since then, Niantic’s mobile title seems to have recently taken quite a huge hit in terms of its player count. Some recent figures calculated by comScore have revealed the game’s daily users has seen an astounding 80% drop.

The number of consistent daily users in Pokemon Go has plummeted from its peak count of 28.5 million users back when it first released in July 2016, down to a plateau of only 5 million since the end of last year.

comScore is an American global media measurement and analytics company that has compiled an image below that shows the data it collected. It also notes that ever since Pokemon Go reached its highest figures ever for daily user content a bit after July 6, 2016 (its launch date) it had a continual decline until leveling out around October 23rd 2016.

However, the game did see several spikes in user traffic since October 2016, which were likely due to seasonal events like the Halloween one. Nonetheless, the title has failed to even come close to its peak figures since last fall.

In the game’s defense, Pokemon Go did set a very high standard to continually uphold, as it became the biggest mobile game, earning $200 million in revenue worldwide in its first month of release alone. Although the game’s daily user base has dropped, the title’s popularity still remains ever present with those who continue to play, as it recently became the top-ranked app on the Apple Store in the US again after its Generation 2 update.

Niantic is still planning on supporting the title in an effort to keep players engaged with the game on a regular basis. The developer has three major updates in the works for 2017, and also plans to incorporate Legendary Monsters.