Warcraft Tales Mod Has Been Cancelled

World of Warcraft, by developers Blizzard Entertainment, has been going strong since it first released into the market in 2004. Over the years, there have been countless updates and new expansions. However, the early quests can be a bit dull, especially compared to present day. That would have soon changed under a mod team until Blizzard shut down the production.

The mod was known as Warcraft Tales and the team behind it was bringing out a rewrite of level 1-60 quests, zone-by-zone. BellularGaming was the team behind this project and while the first release was slated to launch this coming month, it’s sadly been cancelled due to Blizzard’s legal team.

This seemed like a huge task that the developers were taking on and they were even getting some decent backing going on through Patreon. With the inclusion of voice acting, some of the quests would have a deeper meaning than simply collecting or other trivial tasks.

For instance, there was an early quest that required players to visit a mine and while originally there was simply text and a quick goal of visiting a new area, the redesign made some drastic changes. The quest would have voice acting and players would overhear a conversation of a villain from the zone storyline while at the mine.

Now, thanks to a report made by PC Gamer, we discovered that the whole mod has come to a halt. This was due to Blizzard’s legal team where a statement was given to the publication. Apparently, Blizzard was not interested in changing the storyline narratives which would affect the experience for all players even if they choose not to use the addon.

While the mod is now cancelled, it seems that the BellularGaming is still talking with Blizzard behind the scenes so that they can still eventually release the mod in some shape or form.