Nintendo Switch Is Selling Faster At Launch Than the PS4 In Japan

The market research firm Media Create has compiled new data that reveals that the Nintendo Switch is selling at a much faster rate in Japan than the PlayStation 4’s launch period. The Nintendo Switch console currently has sold a solid 519,504 units in the nation, and as of March 26, 2017, it only took roughly four weeks to sell its half a million in Japan, as opposed to the PS4’s first month numbers of 439,810 units sold.

It took seven weeks for the PS4 to overtake its first half million units in Japan, and it needed eight weeks to reach a figure that was similar to the latest numbers for the Nintendo Switch in the country. There was also a slight drop in the Switch’s sales several days ago, but the console did manage a recovery last week.

Nintendo Switch’s sales trend in Japan is still a bit slower than the Wii U’s, the company’s previous console only needed three weeks to sell its first 500,000 units in Japan, moving 557,901 by December 23, 2012.

However, it’s interesting to note that the Wii U was launched in the Eastern country during the holiday season, which undoubtedly boosted its sales at the outset, begging the question as to how much better the Switch could be performing in Japan if it were put out during the holidays as well.