Mass Effect: Andromeda – How To Get N7 Armor | Original Shepard Gear

Mass Effect: Andromeda introduces players to a whole new galaxy to explore, but all the series essentials are still intact.

Thanks to a stockpile of blueprints brought over from the Milky Way, Andromeda reintroduces Ryder to a number of old Mass Effect weapons and gear — including the armor originally worn by our favorite space-hero Shepard. Yep, you can get the N7 Armor, the suit that Shepard sported at some point in all three main Mass Effect entries.

Getting your hands on it isn’t so easy, though. Most players will eventually stumble into the outfit while upgrading the Milky Way research path, but we’ll go into all the details you’ll need to get this fancy suit of armor as early as possible.

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How To Get N7 Armor | Original Shepard Gear

N7 Armor, like all the Milky Way blueprints you’ll unlock, is mostly used to benefit biotic powers. Even if you don’t have biotic powers, you can still unlock this fancy set using research points. You’ll need to acquire plenty — whip out that scanner and start uploading just about anything related to human / Turian / familiar alien civilization.

  1. Use a Research Terminal and select the “Milky Way” Galaxy tab.
    • There are four pieces of N7 Armor: Head, Chest, Legs, and Arms.
  2. Unlock all four types by spending Milky Way research points, acquired by scanning artifacts or objects from the Milky Way.
    • Once an blueprint is unlocked, it will become available for crafting.
  3. Switch over to the Development menu. To create N7 armor, you’ll need the following materials:
    • Copper
    • Iridium
    • Platinum
    • Omnigel Canisters
  4. To collect ore or other resources, use the mining program on your Nomad vehicle. Drop probes when the ore readout spikes to get big deposits.
    • Check the planetary info from the galaxy map to see what types of ore are available on each planet.

Craft up all the parts! There’s only one problem — it isn’t the proper colors. For reference, N7 Armor should always look like this…

To get the right look, select “Pattern 1” and the color to a dark red. The rest is all about layering lighter grey over darker grey to totally complete the ensemble. Now your Ryder can look like a proper Shepard.

Got your own armor customization ideas? Tried to make Ryder into a new mini-Shepard? Let us know in the comments!