5 Reasons to Play Endless Space 2

Strategy games are endless fun for gamers, it brings a lot of replay value to the table and it has the player using their mind more so than any other game genre. But with a jammed pack year of 4x strategy games, you would’ve thought the fun was over, however, you are wrong. The latest 4x strategy game Endless Space 2 brings more to the table with its rich lore, space exploration, and methodical gameplay. Developer Amplitude does a great job by differentiating themselves from games like Civilization 6, which is a good thing. There’s plenty of reasons to check out Endless Space 2, but here are the top 5.

1. Exploration, Factions, and More


Endless Space 2 really nails bringing its game to life. With the game being a sequel, developer Amplitude had space to create an even more extensive backstory for the game. Choosing a faction, going out in the vast universe, and actually succeeding in the game is not easy; which makes it so much fun. Going against unknown races or stumbling across a random event feels natural and brings that extra immersion 4x strategy games need sometimes. Also must note, if you are a sucker for clean UI’s Endless Space 2 will make you happy, as it is one of the easiest interfaces to use across any 4x game.

2. Deep Story and Lore


Following reason one, Amplitude did more than just expanding its sequel in the gameplay department. It brought new races such as the Cravers, a race of hostile aliens. Each faction/race have their own set of ways, creating different playstyles for each one. The original title lets players experience the vast universe the Endless created, with its sequel, players will come across bigger reveals and larger info dumps to the game’s rich lore.

3. Unique Features


Endless Space 2 innovates from the original title, delivering a much more rounded experience for its players. Battles have improved, the scientific upgrade tree is more in-depth and a lot of new features are implemented. Like many 4x strategy games, players must choose precise upgrades if they wish to succeed. Endless Space 2 heavily focuses on this feature and makes it an important feature for the players. Making the right choices early on could prevent an entire war with another race.

There are also these elections that happen every so often, providing a deeper connection to your colonies. Each time an election happens, your colonies will vote for a certain party, may it be a militarist, pacifist or scientists each party supports something different. After elections are done, new laws will be passed and new curveballs are thrown at the player’s way, just like real life.

4 . Amazing Soundtrack


The soundtrack in Endless Space 2 is also noteworthy. Sitting in menus, waiting for your next turn, or simply looking for your technology tree, Amplitude has put together a great soundtrack for their players. In addition to the great music, Endless Space 2 also offers a good amount of sound effects. During battles, you will hear epic gunshots, and while moving from point to point on the map give the spaceship a realistic sound bite.

5. It’s In Early Access


Now I wouldn’t usually say being in early access is a good route for a game to go, however, developer Amplitude is doing a phenomenal job with the game. With Endless Space 2 currently being in early access, it gives players an opportunity to check out the game for a much cheaper price tag. At $30 players will get instant access to a really well polished 4x strategy title. As improvements implement, early adopters will be able to voice their opinions to Amplitude, allowing them to change and tweak before the final release of the game. If you are a fan of 4x strategy games and sci-fi, Endless Space 2 is for you; it brings new features and upgrades to the sequel which makes the game a contender for people’s attention.