Forza Horizon 3: How to Earn Tons of Fans Fast | Farming Guide

Forza Horizon 3 City Skyline

Whether you’ve finished Forza Horizon 3, or if you’re working to unlock more events, you’ll always need more fans to expand festivals across the new Australia map. Here you’ll find a quick and simple strategy to earn tons of fans, and this will help on just about any race — although shorter races help. This way you can get as many fans as you need, get them fast, and move on to more fun events.

We’ve also got a Forza Horizon 3 SP, XP & Cash farming guide if you’re looking for an efficient method to grind. Unlocking stuff can be a slog, nobody wants to waste time replaying the same races over and over, but we’ve found some methods that work in free roam, or through a very long race with lucrative results.

Expand Your Festival – Fans Farming Guide

To get the most fans, just follow these simple steps. It’s all about choosing quick races with a Championship. This is going to sound complicated, but it’s very easy once you get going. This method comes from Youtuber Lunar Craft.

This method can earn late-game races about 125,000 fans in 3 minutes. You’re going to need fans in the millions to expand those festivals. Still, this method can net you 1,250,000 fans or so in 30 minutes, if you’re willing to put in the grinding effort. Here’s how it is done:

  1. Setup Event -> Championship -> Blueprint a Championship
    • You’ll need to select 3 races. Using a Hyper car, races can be completed extremely quickly. No matter what your preference, select the three races (once you have them unlocked!) listed below.
    • Any fast car should have no problem dealing with the straight-aways in these short races.
  2.  Go to ‘Route Select’ and select the following races. These races are all located in the northwest section of the map.
    • Cross Track Scramble
    • Coober Pedy Scramble
    • Highway Circuit
      • Set all races to 1 Lap. Remove all other routes — you’ll only want these three easy races.
      • Unlock the quick-travel skill if you want to switch races even faster. Otherwise, these three races are relatively close together.
  3. Create the Blueprint and start racing.
    • You’ll gain bonus fans for taking at least 3 Championship races.
    • Each race takes about 1 minute to complete. For all three, you’ll gain 125,000+ fans for your performance.

While there are other ways to earn fans; completing speed cameras or PR Stunts, or any number of other optional activities in free roam, this is all about repeating the event to earn as many fans as you need. All those other activities can only earn you fans once, and can’t be repeated on your current file.

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