Forza Horizon 3: Earn Credits, SP & XP Fast With These Farming Methods


Getting all the credits, Skill Points, and XP you’ll ever need in Forza Horizon 3 actually isn’t all that difficult. Around Level 5, you’ll gain access to races (and perks) that makes earning pretty easy, even in Freeroam. It doesn’t require much effort, and these methods might help get through the grindiest parts of the game.

Unlocking upgrades from the Skill Shop will help keep your momentum going when the difficulty spikes, and if you want to upgrade those awesome Elite cars or get new races to explore fast, we’ve found two methods that just might make your racing life a little easier.

Neither of these methods are exploits, so don’t worry about busting your game. Everything here is within the rules, and you won’t be ruining anyone’s time. Basically, farming for credits / XP / SP is your decision. If it makes your gaming experience more fun, then all power to you.

Fast XP, SP & Credits | Farming Guide

Method #1: Goliath Circuit Style

Before getting too deep into this farming method, let’s go over some of the basics — in Forza Horizon 3, your rewards are dependent on these factors:

  • Difficulty level settings
  • Placement in the race (whether you win or lose)
  • Completing clean races (avoid crashes)
  • Skill combos

By combining all of these rewards and stacking up perks, we can unlock huge bonuses to rewards by gaming the system just a little bit. If you play on Easy (Our recommendation, although if you’re looking for bigger Credit rewards, play on higher difficulties.) you can earn plenty of XP, SP & credits.

  • Every 10 Minutes, You Will Earn…
    • 500,000~ SP
    • 80,000~ XP
    • 50,000~ Credits

If that sounds good to you, then let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll want to do to start earning fast and easy.

  1. Play until you unlock the Byron Bay Horizon Festival.
  2. Continue to unlock races at this festival until the Goliath Circuit is available.
  3. Play the Goliath Circuit on Easy.
    • Standard Rewards for the Goliath Circuit are: 240,000 SP, 34,836 XP & 43, 197 Credits.

That’s all it takes. Playing on harder difficulty levels will help you unlock more rewards, but the increased difficulty may cut into your maximum SP and XP earnings. This is a long track, making it easy to earn huge skill combo modifiers that will further increase your rewards on completion. Avoiding a crash nets you a +10,000 bonus, and winning in first place will also get you an easy bonus.

This is an easy race, and if you want to earn better rewards, try spending cash to upgrade your car. Even with lots of speed, this race is bound to take about 10 minutes per run, which is a pretty prolonged time for a race. If you’ve got the patience to grind, this is one of the better pit-stops to take in Forza Horizon 3.

Method #2: Free Roam Fast SP

If you’re just looking for SP and don’t mind earning it in Free Roam, here’s a simple method to help you earn as many points as you need. No need to enter a race here.

Before getting started, you’ll want to purchase any Super Car. The 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV is a good choice here, as well. You’ll also want to purchase a handful of perks that help you gain SP even faster.

  • Skill Multiplier Increases Much Faster When A Skill Song Is Played
  • Skill Multiplier Can Increase Up To x6
  • Skill Multiplier Builds Faster
  • +25% XP Upgrade In Freeroam
  • +10% Drifting Bonus

If you get some or all of these perks from the Skill Shop, you’ll earn SP much faster completing this method.

  1. Go to the Airport runway. This is located around the Outback Festival.
  2. Drive down the runway.
  3. DRIFT.
  4. Keep driving down the runway, driving back and forth from the left to right side while maintaining speed.
  5. When you’re happy with your combo amount, stop the car safely and wait for your rewards.

That’s all it takes. Very simple and straightforward, and you control how much time to spend completing this very monotonous task. It might seem boring, but it totally works.

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