Hungry Shark World: How to Unlock ‘Big Momma’ Dunkleosteus


Time to celebrate Shark Week in Hungry Shark World with two new additions — the Big Momma Dunkleosteus and the Atomic Shark. These deadly denizens of the sea are fresh entries in Hungry Shark World, and if you’re looking to unlock them we’ve got the answers right here.

Basically, it’s going to take a lot of time if you don’t want to just unlock these suckers with in-app purchase Gems. They’re available at any time if you’re willing to throw down real-world money, but we’re not all about that here. Free stuff is what we want, and these are the methods you need to know if you want to get the Big Momma or the Atomic Shark without spending a dime.

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‘Big Momma’ Dunkleosteus & Atomic Shark Guide

The Big Momma is the biggest, baddest fish in the prehistoric ocean — and it isn’t even a shark. No, the Dunkleosteus is the freshest choice in Hungry Shark World, and if you want to rack up tons of points, she’s your very best option when it comes to wrecking havoc.

Before we can unlock the Big Momma, you’ll have to unlock the Megalodon.

Step #1: How to Unlock Megalodon

  1. The (old) best shark can be purchased once you unlock every other shark (not counting Big Momma and Atomic Shark) in the game.
  2. You don’t need to actually purchase them — just earn the option to purchase. Once they’re all available, Megalodon will be buy-able.
  3. Complete every unlock tier, slowly working up toward the top tier to make Megalodon available to purchase with coins.
  4. Like every other shark, Megalodon can be purchased with Gems at any time. It’ll cost 1,500 to buy him before he can be unlocked with coins.

Step #2: How to Unlock the Big Momma

  1. After unlocking the Megalodon [and updating the Hungry Shark World app] begin leveling up.
  2. Megalodon will need to reach MAX Level 30.
  3. The Big Momma will be available to the right on the shark selection screen after unlocking Megalodon.
  4. Big Momma costs 600,000 coins [Base Game, No In-App Purchases] if you’ve reached Level 30 with Megalodon. If you haven’t, Big Momma will cost 1,500 Gems.

Step #3 [BONUS]: How to Unlock the Atomic Shark

  1. Just like with the Megalodon / Big Momma, once the Big Momma is unlocked, you’ll be able to purchase the Atomic Shark.
  2. The Atomic Shark costs 1,500 Gems before Big Momma has been leveled up. If you want to purchase the Atomic Shark with coins instead, you’ll need to level up Big Momma to MAX Level.

Both new sharks cost tons of coins, so we recommend you start saving early and be prepared. It might require 30+ sessions to fully level up a Megalodon, and that’s if you’re earning a level once per session. Like all F2P games, the time it takes and the dedication you’re willing to put in are the biggest barriers to the best characters.

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