Clash of Clans: Farm Dark Elixir the Easy (And Cheap) Way


Dark Elixir is the most limited out of the three major Clash of Clans resources, and one that’s often well-protected by enemy Town Halls. Don’t let all those walls stop you — the quick, resource-hungry goblins are your best strategy for milking Dark Elixir from an enemy base, and we’re going to explain every step to make the process as easy as possible.

Clash of Clans is all about defending and attacking, building armies and working with allies to earn the most loot. It can be a tough balancing act, and maintaining an army costs resources. That’s why you’ll want to use the Goblin strategy for Dark Elixir. In many ways, this is a cheaper solution than most — even if you’ll need at least two costly spells to get that Dark Elixir.

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Farm Dark Elixir the Easy (And Cheap) Way

Dark Elixir is stored in resource buildings and the Town Hall. Goblins are the best option for smashing resources — the trick is getting these weak units into the center of the base and keeping them alive. Before we continue, here are some important facts to keep in mind:

  • Goblins are the fastest ground unit.
  • Goblins target resource buildings first.
  • Goblins deal 2x damage to Dark Elixir Drills and Town Halls.
  • Goblins will ignore defensive structures and attack resource buildings first.

Basically, you can’t just send Goblins into an enemy base and expect success. You’ll need to prepare. Here are all the other units and spells you’ll need to accomplish a successful Dark Elixir raid.

What You’ll Need:

This strategy is designed for Town Hall Lvl. 9 or so. Just adjust your army to fit your particular Town Hall or rank.

Before launching an attack, you’ll want to build an army with these units and spells:

  • (1) Baby Dragon
  • (6) Wall Breakers
  • (12) Giants
  • (30) Archers
  • (110+) Goblins
  • (1) Jump Spell
  • (1) Heal Spell

The amount of Archers and Goblins you want to use can fluctuate, and the Baby Dragon is optional. The Jump Spells and Heal Spells are not — it might be a good idea to bring one additional Jump or Heal spell for emergencies. Don’t waste them, but if it looks like you can succeed and only need that extra Heal or Jump, then you’re going to kick yourself for not including those options in your roster.

Another important step involves choosing a proper enemy to raid. Most will keep the Dark Elixir Storage in the core of the base with their Town Hall. This strategy is predicated on that — you’ll be able to funnel straight through to the enemy’s Town Hall. If the Dark Elixir is too spread out across the base and will require busting through multiple walls all over town, consider skipping the raid and finding a better candidate.

Goblin Knife Strategy:

With your army prepared, here’s what you’ll want to do. No heroes required here.

  1. Deploy the Baby Dragon on one side (southeast) or where the enemy camp is light on anti-air.
  2. Nearby (northeast) deploy 1-3 Giants and all Archers.
  3. Choose your central approach. Launch Wall Breakers and the remaining Giants to break through the outer walls at the center, between deployment #1 and #2.
  4. Place a Jump Spell on the walls outside the enemy’s core. If the walls are close enough together, the Jump Spell can get your army over two walls at once.
  5. Now that the core (or Dark Elixir Storage) is accessible, begin deploying ALL of your Goblins.
    1. To make sure the Goblins are bunched up properly for a future Heal Spell, make sure you deploy Goblins with TWO fingers. That way you are deploying Goblins in two lines, helping them bunch up much faster than one single-file line.
  6. Use the Heal Spell on Goblins to keep them going. While in the Heal Spell radius, Goblins can survive just about anything while they’re clearing out Dark Elixir Storage.

While you’re raiding, it’s a good idea to get 50%+ destruction on the enemy to earn at least One Star and get a quick Dark Elixir bonus. You won’t get much gold for this, probably only enough to cover your costs, so don’t bother using this strategy for gold farming.

That’s just about everything you need to know to make this strategy happen. Good luck out there, clanners.

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