Homefront: The Revolution – Playable Timesplitters 2 Easter Egg


Before the developers behind Homefront: The Revolution formed Dambuster Studios, they worked on a little game called TimeSplitters 2 as Free Radical Design. Everything old is new again, and Homefront features a lengthy playable Easter egg, giving you access to the first two levels of TimeSplitters 2 — if you know where to look.

These hidden levels were revealed in March, but it’s only now that we know exactly where to locate them.

This isn’t the first playable Easter egg in recent memory. DOOM (2016) includes it’s very own spin on Candy Crush you can play for points, and Shadow of the Beast comes with its Commodore original. That doesn’t change the fact that this is a pretty cool Easter egg.

Playable TimeSplitters 2 Easter Egg

In Homefront: The Revolution, it’s possible to discover an arcade cabinet with a playable version of Timesplitters 2. You only have access to the first two levels, but that includes the classic Siberia stage — itself a take on Rare’s popular Goldeneye FPS.

Why is this special? Aside from getting to replay a portion of an awesome game, it’s also the first version of TimeSplitters 2 available for PS4 or Xbox One. Could Deep Silver be planning a re-release? And we’re not talking about the community-led TimeSplitters Rewind project.

How to Find TimeSplitters 2

Play far into the campaign until you reach the mission “Small By Name…” — or simply travel to the prison safehouse located in the Restricted Zone.

From the safe house entrance, go up the closest set of stairs on the right and reach the upper level of the structure. At the top, turn right and head down the hall. Continue to the area near the back windows to find a shiny arcade cabinet. Choose to interact, and you’ll boot-up an emulated version of TimeSplitters 2.

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon once we collect screenshots! Will there be more levels like this in different areas of the game? Let us know if you’ve found more.

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