Enter the Gungeon Side Quests and Challenges Guide

You’ll be making a lot of enemies in Enter the Gungeon. But you’ll also meet some allies and familiar faces that tag along with you on your shooting rampage quest.


Lost Adventurer

You may find this familiar face wandering around the Gungeon. This Link look alike character wants your help mapping out the floor. Agree to help him, and he’ll give you a random item as a reward. Unlike most NPCs, Link won’t show up around the Breach. He’s too busy getting himself lost in the Gungeon repeatedly. Don’t try and grab his stuff either. Link gets really annoyed when people break in and try to rob him.

For visiting every room on a floor, this Link guy will give you an item as a thank you. Mapping each floor of the dungeon at least once gets you the Cartographer’s assistant achievement.

Gunsling King

Gunsling King and his Companion found themselves locked up in the Gungeon. Gracious for your rescue, they make their way back up to the Breach. Being a man of sport, this unlocks the possibility that he’ll show back up in the Gungeon to offer you a challenge. He wants you to clear a room full of monsters a certain way. Sometimes he’ll want you to not take any damage, or use dodge rolling, or only use a pea shooter in your monster slaying. If you win his wager, you get a money reward and an item pick-up from Gunsling King’s assistant.

You win stuff for clearing a room with a special condition. Winning the wager against Gunsling King 5 times gets you the Hedge Slinger achievement.


Winchester  will show up around the Breach the same time Tinker sets up shop. His side activity is a mini-game where you have to shoot four near impossible targets. Your reward for doing well at the shooting range is a chest, increasing in rarity level the better you did.

You win prizes by shooting four hard to reach targets. Winning the game 3 times gets you the Trickshot achievement.

Frifle and the Grey Mauser

Frifle and the Grey Mauser  were also locked up in the Gungeon. After freeing them, they return to the Breach and tell you about their quest. Frifle and the Grey Mauser are  monster slayers, and they came to the Gungeon to purge the evil from its walls. They’ll propose that you do his work for them. If you agree to their deal, they give you a quota of killing X of a certain amount of monsters. This applies to bosses as well. As a reward, they’ll give you new guns and hegemony credits.

You acquire a bounty reward for slaying a certain number of an enemy. Completing all of Frifle’s challenges gets you the Weird Tale achievement.


While not really an activity – these mysterious statues hold many secrets of their own. If you get the option to pray at them, you might be better or worse off for doing so. They may grant you the gifts of full health, armor, or even a plentiful boon of blanks. But they may also curse you in return, cutting your health down or take your gun. Use with care and caution!

Finding religion could either buff your character or kill them.


The crafty mechanic known as Tinker will show up early on in your travels. He’ll complain that the Gungeon elevator system is in a state of disrepair, and offer to get in there to fix it yourself. You’ll be able to find him at the bottom of elevator shafts trying to make repairs and upgrades to the system. But he needs a certain amount of various items to do so. It’s worth your time to do this. Completing his work on a floor’s elevator allows you to fast travel to that floor directly from the Breach.

Unlock fast travel to any floor in the Gungeon. You get the Going Down achievement for unlocking Second Chamber fast travel, Going Downer for the Third Chamber, Going Downest for the Fourth chamber, and the Last Stop achievement for fixing the elevator to the Fifth Chamber.


While not really a side activity, and more so a main part of every Gungeon run, there’s a few details worth mentioning about these. Starting from the brown chest, to the blue chest, then green, red, and finally boss level chests – the rarity of the item inside increases. Sometimes there might be a bomb attached to the chest, giving you a limited amount of time to unlock it before it explodes. You can also just shoot the chests and break into them, but you’re more than likely to also break what’s inside too.

Some chests are also mimics. You can tell a mimic chest from a real one by the fact if its locked or not. It also breathes a bit.

You get the Not Just A Box achievement for ambushing a mimic first.


Trading your money for goods is a main feature of the Gungeon. The shopkeep has a store set up on every floor, and he offers three random pickups alongside other possible guns and items. Sometimes he even has extra friends in there as well. The dark fairy known as Curse sells magical equipment and charms, but you’re guaranteed to be cursed more after purchasing. Goop offers guns and items that are made of not so solid substances. The wise old Blank sells blank items and amulets. Truck sells high grade military equipment from the back of his car. Although the odds of any of these characters showing up in the Gungeon is limited, it gives you an alternate planning strategy to have if they do.

Don’t shoot your guns inside the shop. Just. Don’t. Hording a bunch of money at once gets you the Biggest Wallet achievement. You get the Woodsie Lord achievement for stealing 10 things.