The Division Guide: How To Level Up Fast

Just got a copy of The Division and need to level up to go against other players in Ubisoft’s latest shooter? Then follow these tips for the best way to level up for both your agent character and leveling through the Dark Zone. As always, let us know about our tips by leaving a comment down below and if you have a tip on leveling up within the world of The Division!

Story Missions

Simply progressing through the story will earn players XP for their agent level. It’s important to note that players can replay missions as many times as they wish so it’s best to mark down which missions you personally enjoy. Furthermore, players can increase the difficulty on these missions to increase the rewards granted and along with earning more XP.

Security Missions

Security Missions are a good way to get even more experience points while going through other story missions or activities within the game. When a player completes a security mission, they are granted an Experienced Agent Perk which gives players 10% more XP.

Dark Zone

To increase your Dark Zone rank you will have to be within the Dark Zone though you’ll want to be careful as every time you die within the Dark Zone although you’ll want to be careful as anytime you can drop your rank anytime you die in the area. For this reason, it’s often suggested that players level up before jumping into the Dark Zone.


Going rogue will allow players to increase XP if they are able to survive until their rouge meter drops back down to zero. The more people you kill the higher your rouge level gets in which case the more money your head is worth to other players. This is a risky move as you’ll easily become a target with other agents in the area and if you die your rank lowers, but if you pull it off the rouge route is well worth it. Likewise, it’s a good idea to hunt down rogue agents and kill them as well to earn XP.