The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 9

bgpe episode 9

Annie rejoins the Best Gaming Podcast Ever, and won't shut up about Final Fantasy (again). Everyone humors her by discussing the news that Final Fantasy 14 brought on a wave of figurative seppuku at Square Enix.

Ian legally changes his name to “@Stillgray on Twitter”, as Jacob fires off some hot news about the Battlefield 3 Open Beta. Matt lends a hand by giving the game a resounding endorsement of “pretty good” and, “I keep dying :(”.

Be warned: this week's hot topic is so hot, it might literally melt your audio listening device. For that reason, Gameranx recommends that you not wear earbuds or headphones while listening this week, as it may result in permanent ear damage, and/or depression (for nothing will seem as cool as this week's topic, resulting in listeners feeling a general malaise when not consuming BGPE episode 9). Gameranx is not responsible for damage caused by loudspeakers playing BGPE 9.

When the crew moves on to whip out what they've been playing this week, Ian and Matt practically kiss each other through Skype as they talk about their mutual love for Resistance 3, and The Binding of Isaac.

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Our hive-mind thanks Je Mappelle for letting it use Ophelie Seize for this week's song.

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