Top 10 Real Job Simulator Games

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work a certain job, but haven't been actually willing to try out that job first-hand? Well, who can blame you? It's not exactly easy to decide you want to become a pilot and fly aircraft for a living or become a truck driver in Siberia to experience what it's like to have your truck stuck 3ft into the muck. 

Thanks to video games, some of these real-world jobs (and a few less-than-real ones) can be yours to experience without actually getting your hands dirty. Check out the video above to discover ten of the best real job simulators available on the gaming market. 

Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a game about developing and constructing a space station in the vast vacuum of space and making sure that it works.

Flight Simulator X

Fly all manner of aircraft in this long-running series of flight simulators. 

Train Simulator 2015

Train Simulator 2015 pushes the boundaries of what a good train simulation can offer. It'll awaken the child who likes to play with trains within you. 

DCS: A-10C Warthog

Pilot an aging, but still powerful A-10C Warthog aircraft. Feel what it's like to fly in the premier Close Air Support attack aircraft. 


This off-roading sim gives you a taste of what it's like to drive a truck in some of the world's most rugged conditions.

Software Inc.

Build a software company from scratch, buildings and all, and create your own successful brand of software–virtually, that is.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Ever wonder what it's like to drive across the European continent in an 18-wheeler? This game gives you a taste of that experience.

Farming Simulator 15

Get your hands dirty with this farming simulation, which offers all manner of farming vehicles and teaches you what it's like to be a manual operator on a farm. 

Football Manager 2015

Managet a football team and bring them to success. Football Manager 2015 offers a taste of what it's like to manage a premier soccer club.