Biomutant: How To Farm Guppos, Gumquacks & Pippis | Locations Guide

While exploring the vast (and vastly strange) world of Biomutant, you’ll encounter all sorts of flora and fauna. But, there are three types you can actually capture. There are ducks (Gumquacks), birds (Pippis), and fish (Guppos) that you’ll encounter in main story quests, or just wandering around the open world. There are achievements for capturing 20 of each, and as big as this world is, it’s going to take a long time to come across 20 of these things. They aren’t as common as you’d think, unless you’re hanging around every lagoon / cliff / fishing hole for extensive periods of time. If you’re looking for an easy way to complete these weird little achievements, check out the three locations listed below for some quick completions.

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Guppos, Gumquacks, and Pippis are collectible animals — finding enough of them will unlock achievements / trophies.

Where To Find Guppos | Angler Achievement / Trophy Guide

Guppos are small fish that can be farmed in Guppo Grotto (Sector 12F X:-391425, Y:-144559) right next to Pichu Fortress. This spot is available after completing the “All the Guppos” quest. Fast travel out of the area and then fast travel back — the guppos will spawn every 30~ minutes.

You’ll earn the ‘Angler’ achievement / trophy for catching 20 guppos.

Where To Find Gumquacks | Quack Achievement / Trophy Guide

Gumquack are small ducks that can be farmed in Gumquack Hollow (Sector 4E X:-254250, Y:-80531) in the Surfipelago region. This spot becomes available after completing the “Gumquack Hollow” quest. Fast travel back to the area and the Gumquacks will respawn every 30~ minutes or so.

You’ll earn the ‘Quack’ achievement / trophy for catching 20 gumducks.

Where To Find Pippis | Flap-Flap Achievement / Trophy

Pippis are little birds that can be farmed in the Blimpstation (Sector 9J X:-236988, Y:-342656) on the southern edge of the Kluppydunes area. Going down to meet Lobo, you’ll see two Pippis spawn near here. This is the side-quest character that gives you access to the Gullblimp. Just fast travel and forth out of the area — the pippis will respawn every time.

You’ll earn the ‘Flap-Flap’ achievement / trophy for catching 20 of the little birds.