10 Best NEW PvE Games & Expansions of 2021

If you’re after some new games where you can work with friends as you face hostile enemies or deadly environments with your friends then you’re in luck. 2021 has a few anticipated PvE video games that are coming out brand new in 2021 along with some expansions to already established video games released years prior. In this list, we’re going to highlight a few titles that we think you should be keeping an eye on.

#10 Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is not a new game by any means now. This title came out back in 2017 originally as a premium title where players bought the game and the expansions that came out afterward. However, a few years later Bungie brought out the game once again for free so now the floodgates opened up to a bunch of newcomers trying the game out for the first time. Even though this game was released back in 2017, the developers over at Bungie have kept up in their support for the IP by releasing new expansions which brought more storylines and content for players to enjoy. Of course, this game is on the list because we’re not done with the line of expansions quite yet.

For this year we’re still in the Beyond Light expansion which came out in 2020 although it only released during the end of 2020 so we’re talking early November here. With Beyond Light players are traveling to Europa, a moon of Jupiter to confront Kell Eramis, if you’ve been keeping up with the storyline before this fifth main expansion. There are a few seasonal changes that have happened so far with this expansion in 2021 with the latest being Season of the Splicer which came out on May 11, 2021. With this expansion players were given a new six-player activity called Override where players are fighting off enemies as they attempt to hack into the Vex Network to steal various secrets. There are of course raids, new quests, bounties, and missions for players to partake in. We have a good while still with Destiny 2 as well since we know the next two major expansions won’t be coming out until 2022 and 2023.

#9 Warframe

Before Destiny ever became a free-to-play experience we had a solid alternative with Warframe. It had everything fans wanted as a free Destiny-like experience but since Destiny 2 is out as a free game it’s a big competition between the two IPs. Much like Destiny 2, Warframe is not a new video game either. This game came out back in 2013 which is pretty hard to believe at this point but again like Destiny 2 there is no slowing down Warframe. Development studio Digital Extremes have continued to port this game to new platforms and of course, new expansions to keep players logging back into the game regularly.

Currently, the latest expansion for players to dive into is Corpus Proxima which came out back in March of this year. The latest expansion doesn’t add a whole ton of content as developers were more interested in tweaking the Railjack so it’s not too complex for players. You can even purchase them completely now within the game but of course, you do have some new missions as well so that may be appealing for veteran players. This is likely not the only expansion to hit this year for the game especially since the game has hit the latest console platforms, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox Series X/S, so for now you have a few new missions, but keep an eye out for the next expansion announcement.

#8 Path of Exile

Path of Exile is another game that’s been around the block for a good little bit now with the alpha state for players having access to the game since 2010. It’s a game that acted quite a bit like Diablo and for some, it was the free alternative needed while they waited for the likes of Diablo 3 or at this point the next major Diablo installment. However, 2021 is sort of the last big hurrah for the game because next year we’re getting Path of Exile 2. With that said, Path of Exile 2 will have both storylines and previous expansions so it’s still going to be a good jumping point for newcomers who may have never played this game before. However, the development team did release two expansion updates which are essentially reworked for the end game. There are new areas to explore, the ability to fight multiple bosses through Maven’s Invitation, along with there being a new Ultimatum league for players to go through. Again, this is all content we’ll see brought onto Path of Exile 2 but for now, we have just a bit more gameplay to get through before the next major installment hits the marketplace.

#7 Outriders

Development studio People Can Fly brought out their latest game into the market this year which is a looter shooter. Outriders is a new title that puts players into a timeline where Earth has exhausted most of its resources. With living conditions proving to be near impossible to take, the governments decided to send off colonists to an Earth-like planet called Enoch. However, it’s soon discovered that there is a weird alien anomaly present that has infected some of the humans on the planet, giving them unique abilities. Now, a civil war wages on regarding what to do next, and the fact that the alien life on Enoch is just another element making this colony dream for humanity’s survival into a terrible nightmare. Since this game is so new there will probably be plenty of updates and expansions to tweak the game and make it even more appealing for newcomers and veterans alike. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber then you can gain access to this game at no charge. So there could be nothing holding you back from trying it out for yourself.

#6 Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios was responsible for the Left 4 Dead franchise and while the IP is now under the control of Valve, the studio that created it all is not. The folks over at Turtle Rock Studios have been working on their spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise for a few years now. Called Back 4 Blood, the game is all about being in a group of survivors as they attempt to defeat a slew of different undead monsters that have flooded the world. However, the developers are wanting to outdo themselves with this game, and as a result, players should see plenty of new or unique creatures to battle with, larger levels, more storyline content, and even some new unique mechanics like a card system which can provide buffs and boosts for their different characters. Currently, Back 4 Blood looks to be released in October of this year.

#5 Evil Dead: The Game

The Evil Dead: The Game is a mix of PvE and PvP. Based around the Evil Dead IP, the game acts a bit like the Dead by Daylight video game if you’re familiar with that particular title. Players are set within the iconic cabin as one of several characters from the Evil Dead franchise where the goal is to close a portal. With an open portal, monsters and demons are flooding into our world which players will have to battle against while also completing objectives. However, there is a PVP element as a player can take the role of a demonic enemy that will attempt to attack the group of heroes. We’re still waiting for some more details to hit the public when it comes to this game. For instance, we’re not entirely sure just when this game will be available for players to pick up. With that said, the development team over at Saber Interactive is hoping to see this game come out later this year for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

#4 Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter franchise in general is quite the popular IP. This year we received Monster Hunter Rise, the follow-up title that has come out since the launch of Monster Hunter: World. While this game has a narrative to go through for the campaign, the main reason we have this title on our list is because of its PvE multiplayer. Just like with previous Monster Hunter games, players can join into a group and go off hunting different large monstrous beasts that roam the world. Players are still having to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary gear that will be useful against the enemy monster you’re tracking. Afterward, the monster that is slain can offer different resources to further create new useful gear. Players will find that this game will come with an open-world environment much like Monster Hunter World rather than the game being based around zones from prior game installments. Meanwhile, as the title suggests, there is a new grappling tool that allows players to traverse the world vertically. Currently, this title is available to play right now for the Nintendo Switch with the PC platform receiving the game sometime in 2022.

#3 Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hood: Outlaws and Legends released in May of this year which is a twist to the Robinhood storyline. Here players are in a PvE game with PvP elements as well. Within the title, players select a class and go through heist-type missions where the goal is to steal some treasure and escape. While you have a team of varied class characters that are going around trying to stealthily take out guards, the main focus is finding the sheriff. This is a strong NPC that has a key to the door where the treasure chest is stored. While you can’t kill this character, you can stun them long enough to steal the key and make your way to the treasure. Moving the treasure is a bit difficult as well since you’ll be slow-moving but if you work with your team, you should be able to make your way to the exit point. Here’s where things can get even more tricky. There is another team somewhere else on the map that’s also dealing with the various guards and trying to navigate the sheriff for the treasure as well so you’re not just dealing with enemy AI.

#2 The Day Before

The Day Before is an open-world MMO survival game that puts players into a post-apocalyptic America that has countless infected zombie-like creatures roaming the world. Again, this is a PvE with PvP elements as well. Not only are you trying to survive the hostile world and gather up precious resources, but there are plenty of hostile NPC enemies along with players. It’s a game that looks like it will be best played with a group of friends as you seek to find loot and attempt to restore society to its former glory. Unfortunately, we’re not sure just when this game will come out, it’s looking pretty impressive visually, but developers FNTASTIC have yet to release too much information or footage out into the public yet. For now, this is one game to keep on your radar.

#1 Icarus

Icarus is an upcoming PvE survival game where the goal is putting players down onto an alien planet where you’re seeking out resources to take back and sell. However, there’s a deadline so if you don’t make it back to the ship with your resources collected then you’re left behind for good. Players are using different mining tools to gather the resources from the planet, but along the way, you’ll have to deal with different critters and animals that pop up so you’ll have to work cautiously to ensure that you’re not in direct danger as you venture out into the hand-crafted world. However, you can play with others online, but again much like The Day Before, we’re still waiting for the official release date to come out to the public.