30 Best Nintendo Wii Games To Play In 2021

The Nintendo Wii was an incredibly popular video game console. Thanks to the Nintendo company putting such a focus around simplistic gameplay mechanics and motion controls, just about everyone could easily get the hang of Nintendo Wii games. In today’s list, we’re going over some of the very best Nintendo Wii titles that we think are worth checking out in 2021.

#30 Mario Super Sluggers

Platform : Wii, Wii U

Release Date : August 25, 2008

Wii U (Digital Download) March 31, 2016

Genre : Sports, adventure

Nintendo is no stranger to bringing out some sports games based on their various IPs. Mario Super Sluggers is a baseball-focused game that puts players in control of Mario and his fellow friends or enemies. If you’re familiar with the GameCube Mario Superstar Baseball then you’ll know exactly what’s going on with this game.

Players are not only able to compete in baseball games but also a slew of game modes to play through as well including minigames. One of the reasons that this game didn’t quite get as much traffic was the fact there wasn’t an online multiplayer functionality, but again that wouldn’t be around for players to make use of now anyways. Instead, you’ll have to enjoy this game locally.

#29 Lego Games

One of the points here is not picking out any particular game but instead, we suggest checking out Lego games. There is a massive collection of Lego released titles that focus around different IPs which essentially delivers the game style of gameplay. Here players are given a lighthearted parody of the storyline with gameplay mixing in brawling combat and puzzle-solving.

For instance, the Wii features Lego games based on Star Wars and Batman IP. With that said, there are plenty of other IPs that have a Lego game you can enjoy on the Nintendo Wii so it’s more of preference on the storyline and characters you’d like to go through. Furthermore, these games are pretty family-friendly so if you’re wanting to enjoy some games that are suitable for younger players then you can’t go wrong here.  

#28 Resident Evil Chronicles

Resident Evil has gone through a few unique video game titles rather than strictly sticking with the survival-horror third-person video game that the IP gained its notoriety from. With that said the Nintendo Wii had Resident Evil Chronicles, which featured two video game installments. In the game, players were going through the gameplay as on-rails shooter.

Essentially, players would find the protagonist moving on their own while the main gameplay mechanic would be firing their weapons at the opposing hostiles in which case were a slew of undead zombies and mutated monsters. Meanwhile, the storyline was centered around players following a retelling of sorts from the past few video game installments along with some unique storyline content made specifically for the Chronicles line of video game installments.

#27 Wii Sports

Platform : Wii

Release Date : November 19, 2006

Genre : Sports

Everyone had a copy of Nintendo’s Wii Sports thanks to it being a game pack-in for most markets around the world. This was essentially Nintendo’s way of highlighting the motion controls of the Nintendo Wii by offering players a variety of sports titles that they could compete in either as a solo experience with AI competitors or with players locally just as long as they had another Wii remote.

Here players could play a few different video games such as boxing, golf, bowling, and tennis just to name a few. Being made to highlight the motion controls, it was a solid gameplay experience that had players enjoying the game long after they purchase the Nintendo Wii. Not to mention thanks to the simplistic motion control mechanics, even those that don’t play video games could easily pick this title up without any problems.

#26 Just Dance

Platform : Wii, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia

Release Date : November 5, 2019

Genre : Music

Just Dance is a video game franchise that continues to do well today. Here the video game series puts a focus around dancing to the beats. If you’re on the Nintendo Wii then there are still a few video games in the series that you can jump into.

Overall, the gameplay has players going through the different moves on the display through the use of the Wii Remote. Depending on how well you mimicked the dance during the song will determine your score. While the Just Dance franchise has had quite a few hiccups in terms of capturing the motions of players, it’s still a solid experience that had quite a few players picking up copies of the game with every release.

#25 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Platform : Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PC, Mac OS X, Arcade, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Java ME

Release Date : February 23, 2010

PC March 3, 2010

Arcade May 25, 2011

iOS June 18, 2011

Mac OS X April 4, 2013

Android September 18, 2013

BlackBerry December 20, 2013

Genre : Racing

While Nintendo dominated the kart racing genre, there was a pretty decent competitor that also made its way on the Nintendo Wii. Sega opted to bring out their unique kart racer known as Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Here the game was another classic kart racing series that had players racing against different Sega icons and their various themed courses.

For instance, outside of Sonic characters and level designs, the title featured IPs such as Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio, along with The House of the Dead. Gameplay-wise the title mimicked quite a bit of Mario Kart with players getting different power-ups to use as a buff or a means to attack opposing players. Where the gameplay was different is that the course would transition players into different vehicles such as a kart to a hovercraft depending on the course transition.

#24 Kirby’s Return To Dream Land

Platform : Wii

Release Date : October 24, 2011

Wii U: Nintendo eShop July 30, 2015

Genre : Action-platformer

Kirby is quite the Nintendo icon and on the Wii, we had Kirby’s Return To Dream Land. The video game followed Kirby when a spacecraft crashed onto the Planet Pop Star. Helping this new alien friend to return home, Kirby ventures throughout the planet in search of all the missing parts in hopes of fixing the ship again.

Just as before, Kirby has access to his copy power which allows players the ability to inhale an enemy, gain their powers and use it to their advantage. Not to mention, friends can join in on the fun with Kirby being able to team up with three additional players whether they are another color variation of Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, or King Dedede.

#23 Sonic Colors

Platform : Wii, Nintendo DS

Release Date : November 16, 2010

Genre : Platform, action-adventure 

Sonic Colors released back in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii and DS. At the time, Sonic Colors was bright and vivid with plenty to look at as you race through the different level courses. Gameplay remained mainly the same as to the previous installments, although there was the inclusion of Wisps which if you follow the Sonic games then you know that they pop up in quite a few video game titles since. In the narrative, again not much as changed as Sonic must prevent Doctor Robotnik from destroying the world as he attempts to kidnap these alien critters.

#22 House of the Dead: Overkill

Platform : Wii, PS3, PC, iOS, Android

Release Date : 

Wii February 10, 2009

PS3 (Extended Cut)  October 25, 2011 

iOS, Android (The Lost Reels) April 25, 2013

PC (Typing of the Dead: Overkill) October 29, 2013

Genre : Rail shooter 

The House of Dead franchise has been around for years mainly as an arcade game before finding ports on various home console platforms. Eventually, the game series would hit the Nintendo Wii with The House of The Dead: Overkill, another FPS title where players are battling against deadly zombie creatures while the protagonist moves along a set pathway. With the Wii remote motion mechanics, it’s a game that was handled rather well as players fired at the different enemies that would pop up on the screen to even some intense boss battles.

#21 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Platform : Wii, PS2, PS Portable

Release Date : 

Wii 8 December 2009

PS2 & PS Portable 19 January 2010

Genre : Survival horror 

Silent Hill is quite the iconic survival horror video game franchise that was crafted up by development studio Konami. However, years later Konami allowed developers Climax Studios to create a new installment back in 2009. The video game might not have hit the same level of success as the other original Silent Hill video games in the past, but it’s still a highly regarded title for the Nintendo Wii platform.

In this game, we get a reimagination of the very first Silent Hill title which follows Harry Mason’s search to find his missing daughter in the town of Silent Hill. Unlike the original game, there is no combat here and a big focus is centered around using the motion controls to point a flashlight around the town in search of clues, meanwhile, players would solve a series of puzzles and flee from conflict when enemies appear.

#20 Red Steel 2

Platform : Wii

Release Date : March 23, 2010 

Genre : Shooter/hack and slash 

Red Steel 2 is a bit like The House of the Dead franchise in the sense that it’s a FPS combat game. While you’re not on rails, players will be using an assortment of guns and even a katana to battle against enemies. This is a standalone sequel to the Red Steel video game in which players take the role of an unnamed hero who was captured by a gang of murderous thugs known as the Jackals. Escaping with his life but losing his katana in the process, our hero travels onward to rescue their swordmaster Jian from being executed by the Jackals. Giving our hero a sword to borrow, players will begin on a journey to take out the murderous gang and recover their katana once again.

#19 Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Platform : Wii Nintendo 3DS

Release Date : 

Wii October 17, 2010 

Nintendo 3DS March 8, 2019

Genre : Platforming 

Kirby made a big return to the platforming genre in 2010 with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The video game follows Kirby who gets transported to an unusual world filled with yarn and fabric. In this new world, Kirby meets Prince Fluff who needs our help help to grab seven magical pieces of yarn to stop the antagonist of the game from gaining control, Yin Yarn.

Much like other Kirby titles, this is a sidescrolling platformer where players are controlling Kirby who has a few new moves up his sleeve thanks to now being made completely out of yarn. Now players can transform Kirby to aid them in various situations such as becoming a car to quickly zip around the level or a parachute to glide down from a fall.

#18 MadWorld

Platform : Wii

Release Date : March 10, 2009

Genre : Beat ’em up, hack and slash 

MadWorld is sure to catch some attention from the visuals being black and white while highlighting red during some of the gruesome attacks against enemies. This is a hack and slash-style video game that has players freely controlling their protagonist as they roam around the levels and fighting against enemies. When it comes to the narrative, a terrorist organization has taken control of our protagonist’s city and forces all the civilians to partake in a game where you kill or be killed. Here players will have an assortment of weapons from blades to chainsaws when it comes to battling in this over-the-top action game.

#17 Dead Space: Extraction

Platform : Wii, PS3

Release Date : 

Wii September 29, 2009 

PS3 January 25, 2011 

Genre : Rail shooter 

The Dead Space franchise was a huge horror game series that saw three mainline installments released. However, there was a spin-off game on the Nintendo Wii called Dead Space: Extraction. This is a prequel to the first Dead Space video game. Here players are following a group of survivors of the Aegis VII Colony as they attempt to survive the Necromorph’s infection that has begun to spread.

Developed specifically for the Nintendo Wii, this is a game that acts very much like The House of the Dead: Overkill in that this is also an on-rails shooter. While the game will actively move the protagonist around the level, players will be firing at the enemies on screen and gathering up the different resources around the area. Meanwhile, the game still attempts to keep a very creepy atmosphere with dark corridors and enemies that can pop out from anywhere, so make sure you have a steady aim when the time comes for battling a swarm of infected aliens creatures barreling towards the screen.

#16 Mario Kart Wii

Platform : Wii 

Release Date : April 27, 2008

Genre : Kart racing 

Nintendo has been a dominant force for the kart racing genre. Fans have been playing the Mario Kart series since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and since then we’ve seen the Nintendo company bring out new installments with each console release. For the Nintendo Wii, we had Mario Kart Wii, and it’s everything you would expect from a Mario Kart gameplay experience.

Here players are facing against each other in competitive races featuring various iconic characters from the Super Mario IP. One of the elements that had players enjoying this game was the motion controls paired with the racing wheel peripheral that allowed players to turn the makeshift steering wheel while barreling down the road and gathering up power-ups to use against the opposing racers. With a slew of fun courses, Mario Kart Wii is not only a fun game to play but a tough one to put down.

#15 No More Heroes  

Platform : Wii, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna

Release Date : 

Wii January 22, 2008

Nintendo Switch October 28, 2020

Amazon Luna February 11, 2021

Genre : Action-adventure, hack and slash 

You might be a bit more familiar with No More Heroes now because of the third installment, but this franchise got its start back on the Nintendo Wii. This is a wacky action game that follows a young protagonist named Travis Touchdown. Short on cash which he would typically use to buy anime and wrestling memorabilia, our protagonist had won an online auction that secured himself a special beam katana.

With this new katana, Travis sets off to kill a skilled assassin and ream the rewards. However, taking on this contract for the money and special ranking of the United Assassin’s Association, Travis becomes a prime target himself leaving him to battle off all kinds of skilled enemies. The gameplay is more of a hack and slash title with players being able to freely roam the open world in an attempt to track down and eliminate special targets.

#14 No More Heroes 2

Platform : Wii, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna 

Release Date : 

Wii January 26, 2010

Nintendo Switch October 28, 2020

Amazon Luna February 25, 2021

Genre : Action-adventure, hack and slash

Speaking of No More Heroes we also have the sequel, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Again, the gameplay remains overall the same from the last installment. Here three years have passed since Travis Touchdown’s last big adventure with the UAA. Seeking revenge from their brother’s death, an assassin tracks down Travis in hopes of an over-the-top battle. With things don’t go as plan, a new growing surge of assassins has popped up leaving Travis yet another battle against deadly skilled warriors.

#13 Super Paper Mario

Platform : Wii 

Release Date : April 9, 2007 

Genre : Action role-playing, platform 

The Paper Mario franchise received a new title in the franchise on the Nintendo Wii with Super Paper Mario. Here Mario discovers a new villain that has dropped into his world, kidnapped everyone in the kingdom, and forces Princess Peach and Bowser to marry.

Now Mario is forced to once again save this day in a new 2D side-scroller. Visually, the game focuses on Mario in a world made of paper. Gameplay is a mixture of typical combat we’ve seen from other side-scrolling Mario video games along with a few simplistic puzzles to solve.

#12 Punch-Out

Platform : Wii, Wii U, Nvidia Shield TV

Release Date : 

Wii May 18, 2009

Wii U January 22, 2015

Nvidia Shield TV December 5, 2017

Genre : Boxing, fighting, sports

Punch-Out has been a Nintendo sports franchise that’s been around since the early 1980s. Most would be familiar with Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out video game installment that came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System console platform. However, back in 2009, we got a surprise reboot for the franchise where players take on the role of a boxer named Little Mac fighting his way up the roster as a professional boxer. Gameplay was more or less the same as the past installments where players were fighting various cartoonish characters with the focus being based around dodging, blocking, and attacking their opponents.

#11 New Super Mario Bros.

Platform : Nintendo DS

Release Date : May 15, 2006

Genre : Platform 

New Super Mario Bros. is one of the games that blew up on the Nintendo Wii. This is a side-scrolling Super Mario Game. Just like the original games, players are going through a variety of courses and gathering up different power-ups but one of the elements that made this game a bit unique was the focus on multiplayer.

Players can join in together and fight back against Bowser and his henchmen. Chances are if you own the Nintendo Wii then you had a copy of New Super Mario Bros. However, if you didn’t then this is one game that is still incredibly fun to play with family and friends today.

#10 Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Platform : Wii, Wii U (Nintendo eShop)

Release Date : 

Wii June 27, 2010

Wii U Nintendo eShop August 27, 2015 

Genre : Rail shooter

Another rail shooter that fans may find of interest is Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. This is a game that takes place after the events of Sin and Punishment, a game that launched back on the Nintendo 64, but that game was only available within Japanese markets. Here this title puts players into the role of a mysterious girl that’s transported to a dimension that housed several planets that inhabited humans.

However, long ago the creators of the dimension had destroyed all human life and started completely over. I won’t ruin any more of the storyline than that but if you like science-fiction storylines with a ton of action-packed combat then this is one game well worth trying out.

#9 Resident Evil 4

Platform : GameCube, PS2, PC Wii, iOS, Zeebo, PS3, Xbox 360, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : January 11, 2005 

GameCube January 11, 2005

PS2 October 25, 2005

PC May 15, 2007

Wii June 19, 2007 

iOS July 27, 2009 

Zeebo August 11, 2009 

PS3 Xbox 360 September 20, 2011 

Nintendo Switch May 21, 2019

Genre : Survival horror, third-person shooter 

Resident Evil is such an iconic franchise and we’ve been following this IP for years. However, it was Resident Evil 4 that made some significant changes to the overall gameplay. The game dropped the tank-style controls and more fixated camera placements throughout the game levels. Instead, what we got was an over-the-shoulder camera with the focus being more as a third-person shooter.

Meanwhile, the storyline followed a new virus spread and BOW conspiracy as players step back into the role of Leon Kennedy who was tasked with finding the daughter of the United States of America after being kidnapped. Not only was this just a solid entry to the Resident Evil franchise in general, but the development port for the Nintendo Wii nailed the mechanics making it an easy purchase for veterans and newcomers.

#8 Metroid Prime Trilogy

Platform : Wii

Release Date : August 24, 2009  

Genre : Action-adventure 

The Metroid Prime franchise was one of the system sellers on the Nintendo GameCube. Fans got a new FPS style Metroid game and at the time of writing this, we’re set to get a new installment on the Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t played those earlier titles and happen to have a Nintendo Wii then there is a compilation release that you should be looking into. This is a collection of the three Metroid Prime, but that’s not all. Instead of just adding a simple port to these games and placing it on the Nintendo Wii, the development studio also brought out new controls and some updated visuals such offering widescreen support.

With that said, some technical issues have come up with this game on the Nintendo Wii which mainly dealt with the laser lens on some Wii consoles. With a console, this old, finding some repairs online or even sending a unit in to get fixed is pretty easy to come by and won’t set consumers back too much. While it’s not the most difficult thing to change out, this process can take about two hours with several guides available online.

#7 Xenoblade Chronicles

Platform : Wii, New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch 

Release Date : Xenoblade Chronicles June 10, 2010

Xenoblade Chronicles may have gotten more attention lately thanks to the sequel release on the Nintendo Switch, but we can’t forget about the original installment on the Nintendo Wii. This is a JRPG that offers gamers a beautiful world to explore, a cast of characters that you can customize along with a narrative-driven story.

Within the game, players will be following two factions that are in perpetual war. It’s within this war that our main protagonist, Shulk, discovers his ability to control the Monado faction where he sets off on a revenge journey over the death of his best friend.

#6 Rayman Origins

Platform : PC, OS X, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS

Release Date : 15 November 2011 

PS3 Wii Xbox 360 15 November 2011

PS VITA 15 February 2012 

PC 29 March 2012 

Nintendo 3DS 6 November 2012 

OS X December 12, 2013

Genre : Platform 

The Rayman video games are a popular side-scrolling platformer that has been around since 1995. We don’t see too many of these video games release lately, but on the Nintendo Wii, we did get Rayman Origins. With this game players are battling against a slew of Darktoons that have flooded the Glade of Dreams land. As a result, Rayman must battle against these feral beings with the help of his best friend Globox along with two wizards. This is as mentioned a side-scrolling platformer and best of all, this game supports a four-player co-op so you and your friends can go through the game.

#5 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Platform : Wii 

Release Date : March 9, 2008 

Genre : Fighting 

One of the games that were proven to be a popular competitive title is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. At the time, the game was a bit lackluster for some fans as they saw the gameplay a bit more floaty than in the previous iteration of Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, you can’t deny the success Nintendo had with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was another big platform fighter for the Super Smash Bros series in which case we got even more fighters in the roster along with a campaign storyline for players to go through to unlock additional fighters.

While most players might be looking at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, this is still a fun competitive platformer to enjoy on the Nintendo Wii platform filled with iconic characters, unique themed level designs, and a slew of items to drop down giving players a bit of an edge during battles.

#4 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Platform : Wii 

Release Date : November 20, 2011 

Genre : Action-adventure 

You knew we were going to be featuring The Legend of Zelda franchise on this list and here we are with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This is a title that puts players back into the iconic role of Link. With that said, the game acts as the earliest storyline for The Legend of Zelda franchise where once again, Link is having to battle against an evil force to save a childhood friend, Zelda.

Here players are given a new area to explore that floats high above the clouds and at the time, this was a game that heavily focused again on the motion controls. Since then, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has been ported to the Nintendo Wii U and even the latest platform hybrid from Nintendo, the Switch.

#3 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Platform : Wii, GameCube, Nvidia Shield TV

Release Date : Wii November 19, 2006 

GameCube December 11, 2006 

Nvidia Shield TV December 5, 2017 

Genre : Action-adventure 

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a game that was released on both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube at launch. Players were given a darker tone Zelda title with players taking on the role of Link as per usual who are forced into saving Hyrule from being taken control of by a parallel dimension. As you can expect, this is an action-adventure game with plenty of combat, puzzle-solving, and plenty of areas to explore.

Again, just like our previous installment, there was more focus on using the different motion controls for the Wii console platform, which was a bit of a mixed opinion with fans. Despite that, at the time The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a game that received critical acclaim and for years this was one of the games that players gravitated towards with the franchise.

#2 Super Mario Galaxy

Platform : Wii 

Release Date : 12 November 2007 

Genre : Platform, action-adventure 

Super Mario Galaxy was a brand new Mario IP for the Nintendo Wii. This game came out in 2007 which again acted as a 3D action-adventure platformer. Here players are traveling to different planets to obtain Power Stars by completing objectives or battling against a boss.

Likewise, Super Mario Galaxy hones in on 3D with some planets being small allowing players to quickly run around them or in larger areas, the game will mimic a bit like Super Mario 64 or even the latest installment to the beloved franchise Super Mario Odyssey.

#1 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Platform : Wii

Release Date :  May 23, 2010

Genre : Platform 

What was meant to be an updated version of Super Mario Galaxy actually ended up being a standalone sequel. In Super Mario Galaxy 2 we find a massive size Bowser who has become enhanced by eating Grand Stars. Breaking through to Princess Peach’s castle, Bowser kidnaps the princess and heads to the center of the universe with plans of creating his unique empire.

Now Mario is once again heading throughout the galaxy defeating Bowser’s minions in an attempt to rescue the princess. While the majority of the power-ups found in the original Super Mario Galaxy returns, there are a few unique ones found here. For instance, players will have a new move that allows Mario to smash through large objects or even burrow deep under the ground.