5 Best PC Boxing games to play in 2021

We’re kind of going through drought here when it comes to boxing video game titles. There’s not a lot offered here for players and it’s pretty limited no matter what platform you’re playing on. For the PC there are more VR-based video games than anything but we’re going to avoid just making this list nothing by VR boxing video games. While we wait for the EA Fight Night franchise to make a return, here are some of the best boxing video game titles available to play on the PC platform.

#5 Cyber Fight Challenge

You know we mentioned this in the intro for the list but there are no real contenders in the boxing video game lineup that can compete with the likes of EA’s Fight Night franchise. However, for $9.99 you might find some enjoyment out of this game. It’s a simplistic-style boxing game where you’re fighting as random characters, but there are some mechanics in there that help make the game feel more like a boxing title.

For instance, you’re having to keep in control of your stamina, dodging fists from your opponent, bob and weave from attacks, while also successfully lining up your shots. There is a bit of a minigame feature as well to make use of when you’re knocked down as well similar to the likes of Fight Night so there’s a chance for your character to get back on their feet.

#4 Art of Boxing

Art of Boxing is currently an early access title that was developed with more use of physics-based combat. It’s a wacky-style boxing game where players are thrashing around in the ring in hopes of knocking the player out while completing some minigames when your fighter is in the corner between rounds or training them between matches.

Being an early access title, the game is in a bit of a rough shape right now and there’s plenty of room for the developers to make adjustments to the mechanics, visuals, and physics. So far, fans seem to be pretty split on whether this is a game worth jumping into right now. While the game is in rough shape, it’s at least something for fans of the sport that are having to endure through this drought of boxing video games right now.

#3 Real Boxing

Real Boxing, you’ve heard it before within this list, but there are some slim pickings when it comes to boxing games so don’t go jumping into this title expecting a big hit. With that said, Real Boxing is probably as close to a Fight Night video game as we can get without going through emulations and ROMs. In Real Boxing, players will be able to customize their fighter and work up the ranks of being a legendary heavyweight. The mechanics are pretty varied to allow players the ability to deal hooks, jabs, uppercuts, while also blocking against your opponent.

As mentioned, the career mode allows players to work up the ranks of being a big boxing star along with the ability to customize the character and work on their stats between fights. This is a relatively older video game too with Real Boxing releasing into the marketplace back in 2014. So for now, we’ll have to wait and see if the developers opt to bring out another installment into the marketplace since this game is currently the best non VR boxing game available for the PC platform.

#2 Knockout League

Knockout League is a VR-based boxing video game and it’s not something to take seriously. It’s a lighthearted-style boxing game that can be fun for a wide audience of players. In this game, players are going through an arcade-style boxing title with the contenders being anything from an octopus to a pirate. Likewise, because of the various fighters, you’ll need to figure out what strategies to use against the opponent while also knowing what moves to dodge.

So it’s a bit of a puzzle game with wacky enemies similar to the iconic Nintendo Punch Out franchise. It’s also worth noting that there is DLC for this game as well with Knockout League Heavy Bag. This DLC gives players a new training game where you’re working on different punches, speed, accuracy, and endurance with a heavy bag.

#1 Creed: Rise to Glory

Another VR title that’s well worth looking into if you’re wanting a more simulation-based boxing experience is Creed: Rise to Glory. This is a game that’s based around the Creed movie franchise where players take on the role of Adonis Creed as he charts out on his boxing legacy. It’s a big step away from the earlier mention VR title, Knockout League, as you’re dealing with there being more strategies in your boxing rather than a wackier lighthearted approach. Players will go through a series of fights with each competitor being a bit more difficult to handle than the last.

However, if you’re not interested in fighting computer AI contenders then you can take your fight online. This game supports PvP gameplay so you could fight against a friend online or a random player. It’s one of the better boxing video game titles to come out as well in general which is unfortunate as that means you’ll need a gaming PC that is capable of running a virtual reality headset and on top of that having a compatible headset with motion controls.