The Best PlayStation 4 Boxing Video Games

Boxing video games may be niche but this past generation of video game console platforms saw a drought of boxing titles. With that said, there are still some solid picks out there that are worth enjoying. If you have a PlayStation 4 and want to go through a fun boxing video game experience then you can’t go wrong with our picks. Here are the very best PlayStation 4 boxing games to play in 2021.


While not necessarily a boxing video game, the UFC franchise of titles is a good selection of titles to look at if you’re wanting to scratch that boxing itch. Mixed martial arts fighting has become immensely popular over the years with the help of UFC being one of the biggest promotion companies out there. We’ve seen household athletes come up thanks to the UFC and the actual fight does feature boxing. However, because it’s an MMA title, you’re going to expect a lot more than just boxing as there are grapples and different ground techniques as well.

At the time, UFC 2 was released back in 2016 which featured some big names in the UFC game at the moment such as Rhonda Rousey and Conor McGregor. There were some other iconic fighters featured in the game as guest characters to take the role as such as Bruce Lee and the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. We can’t forget to mention the Knockout Mode which we’ll go over a bit more in our next point, UFC 3.


UFC 3 also came out a couple of years after the release of UFC 2. In 2018, Conor McGregor was the biggest fighter in the world for the UFC as practically everyone knew who Conor was even if they were not necessarily a fan of MMA or watched UFC regularly. Again, much like the last installment, this is an MMA fighting game with the developers adding a new career mode that allowed players to take a fighter and attempt to work their way up to the limelight as a legendary MMA fighter.

As mentioned this game series features Knockout Mode which is the closest we’ll get to just straight-up boxing in these games. Here the match is all about strikes including punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. There are no ground games or grappling in this mode so you just need to worry about staying on your feet and delivering enough blows against your opponent.

Knockout League

If you own a PlayStation VR headset then you might want to look at Knockout League. With that said, this is an arcade-style video game so don’t go in with expectations of any big realistic style matches or strategies you might have picked up from any kind of traditional boxing training. Still, this is an arcade boxing game that was built up for VR and you can think of it as a new-age style of Punch-Out where players have a variety of unique characters to fight against.

This could range from a magician, pirate, to an octopus. As a result, each competitor has its unique strategy to fight against. Meanwhile, players will be able to cover their attacks with their tracking motion controls or bob and weave their heads to avoid taking a hit. This is also more of a suitable game for a wide audience and there’s not much of a learning curve required to jump into a game.

Creed: Rise to Glory

While Knockout League was a more arcade-style boxing VR title, Creed: Rise to Glory is more aimed as a simulation boxing game. With this title, players will be stepping into the role of Adonis Creed and help him fight against a plethora of competitors as he works to become a boxing legacy. If you’re familiar with the Creed films, Adonis starts as an underdog fighter who continues down a boxer’s pathway but it’s a hardship road full of difficult fighters.

The developers behind this project worked to bring out more lifelike fighting effects from both throwing and taking punches in the ring which means you’ll need to work at the different tutorials to become a successful fighter. While there is plenty of fighters to face in the campaign storyline, there’s also iconic past Rocky fighters to challenge in Freeplay or even take your game online. Creed: Rise to Glory features an online PvP mode so you can challenge another player enjoying this game or even a friend.