Bugsnax: How To Catch All 4 Legendary Bugsnax | Boss Guide

Most of the little critters you’ll capture in Bugsnax are little guys. They have to be small enough to eat, right? That goes for all except the optional Legendary Bugsnax. There are four of these titanic treats, and you’ll only encounter them if you complete specific character quests. Not every character leads to a Legendary Bugsnax, and each one requires very specific methods to defeat.

If you’re stuck on a Legendary Bugsnax, want to know which character quests to complete to reach them, or just want to check these giant bugs out, keep browsing for our complete guide. For completing all the legendary Bugsnax quests, you’ll earn the ‘Bossy Bugs‘ trophy.

Daddy Cakelegs | Legendary Bugsnax

Complete all of Snorpy’s missions until you gain ‘Cake Boss!‘ quest and travel to Frosted Peak. Light the candle in the cave at the base of the cavern to begin.

Daddy Cakelegs sprints around the arena — use the Trip Shot to connect to a fire and light the two candles on his head. This can be tricky. The Bugsnax is very fast! Light both, and the cake will split into smaller Baby Cakelegs — don’t forget to snap a shot of these guys.

The small Baby Cakelegs retreat. Follow them to find the new location of the Daddy Cakelegs. It retreats twice. The second time, it will shoot ice back at you and move much faster.

Mama Mewon | Legendary Bugsnax

Complete all of Chandlo’s missions until you gain ‘Throw Down!‘ and travel to Flavor Falls. Follow him to reach the Mama Mewon’s secret chamber.

To catch the Mama Mewon, place your trap near one of the stone statues. The Wee Mewons will automatically go toward your trap — catch one but don’t pick it up! The Mama Mewon will charge and smash into the statue, leaving it stunned.

While its stunned, use the Snakgrappler on the hanging stalactite to crack the hard shell of the Mama Mewon. Do this three times and the Mama Mewon will go on a rampage! After getting hit, Chandlo will distract it — rush over and hit the stalactite above with the grappler to smash it one more time.

Mothza Supreme | Legendary Bugsnax

Complete all of Cromdo’s missions until you gain ‘A Slice of Heaven!‘ and travel to Sizzlin’ Sands. To summon the Snak, follow Cromdo to the pyramid and wait until the giant pizza cutter appears. Use the grappler on the marked sides of the base to reveal a Bombino.

Grab the Bombino and throw it on the cracked spot on top of the pyramid. Now place your Lunch Pad on the spot to begin the battle.

To defeat Mothza, run underneath where it appears — Bombinos will spawn. When you get under Mothza, twisters will appear — lure the Bombinos into the twisters to put out the fire, then throw the bombs onto your Lunch Pad. Launch them at the boss (use [Left-Trigger] to aim the Lunch Pad) and knock the creature out of the sky.

While it’s stunned, rush down and use the grappler on the pizza cutter statue. Cut him three times to end the battle.

Megamaki | Legendary Bugsnax

Complete all of Wiggle’s missions until you gain ‘Dance With The Dragon!‘ and travel to Boiling Bay. Wiggle’s song will draw the legendary Bugsnak out of hiding!

The huge sushi monster is comprised of many different segments. To complete the first phase, use the Trip Shot to string a wire between the tall poles that appear. Place a wire to trip it up, then grab as many Minimaki as you can before it recovers.

Don’t get too close! The Megamaki will shoot a projectile while it travels around that will break the metal poles you need to complete the boss. If too many are destroyed, you won’t be able to win and have to reset from the last checkpoint.

The second phase is a lot trickier. The Megamaki flies through the skies — scan it and look for dips in its path. Place the Trip Shot and aim very high on the poles so your wire is high enough to cross paths with the giant monster. Do it and grab up every single one of the Minimaki. When you get them all the boss will be stunned.