Demon’s Souls Remake: Make The Game Easier With The Most Overpowered Starting Class

Demon’s Souls Remake feels positively slow compared to other games from developer FromSoftware — and it’s still a very challenging game. It doesn’t hold your hand, and most players will be forced to experiment with a variety of different builds to tackle the many different threats you’ll encounter.

And some of us just want to make the game a little easier. Demon’s Souls isn’t as brutally balanced as future games in the series, and there are completely overpowered strategies you can use to wipe out some of the tougher bosses in the game. And there’s one class that starts with some of the most useful gear in the game.

This isn’t news to players that have been around since the beginning — but for everyone picking up a PS5, you just might want to pick this particular class.

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Easiest Starting Class | OP Build Guide

For starting players, the obvious class to pick first is the Knight or Soldier. They’re simple, dependable classes — most everyone will go with the Knight. Its a smart choice, but not the easiest choice.

If you’re looking for simple starting choice that gives you an instant advantage, pick the Royalty.

  • Royalty is one of the most OP starting classes. It is a magic-based class — and magic can be incredibly powerful in this game.
    • Starts with the Soul Arrow magic spell. A very useful, fast short-range projectile spell that is useful for the entire game.
    • Also starts with the Fragrant Ring — when equipped, this ring causes your character to regenerate MP slowly over time.

Why Royalty Is The Most Overpowered Starting Class

The Silver Catalyst and armor also increase your total MP. You might want to swap out the spell outfit for a set of knight’s armor — just increase your stats so you can fast-roll.

Start by increasing your Magic and Intelligence stats — Magic increases damage, Intelligence just increases how many spells you can memorize, so focus on Magic first.

To increase power even more, you’ll want to acquire the Kris Blade early. The Kris Blade is found in 2-1 [Stonefang Tunnel] near the end. Reach the last lift and explore down the ramp to the left to find it. The Kris Blade, when equipped, causes you to deal more magic damage. Just use it as an off-hand weapon while you cast magic spells with a catalyst.

As you progress, you’ll want to find more spells and weapons. You may even want to use magically-infused weapons to deal extra damage. Here’s a quick list of useful items and weapons you’ll want to track down.

Useful Royalty Build Weapons & Spells

  • Uchigatana: Magic sword found in 4-1 [Shrine of Storms]. Located in the area where the Vanguard Demon spawns.
  • Ring of Magical Sharpness: This all-around useful ring increases the damage of magic spells. Find it in 3-1 [Tower of Latria] on the fourth floor of the prison, in the room with four iron maidens you can open.
  • Soul Ray: Enhanced version of the Soul Arrow. Gained by trading the Doll Demon’s Soul gained from the 3-1 [Tower of Latria] boss. Give it to Sage Freyke, the guy you can save in 3-1 with the Warden’s Key.
  • Homing Soul Arrow: Powerful spell created from the Old Monk’s Soul — the final boss of 3-3 [Tower of Latria]. Trade the boss soul to Sage Freyke after you release him from the Prison of Hope.
  • Insanity Catalyst: Alternatively, instead of creating the Homing Soul Arrow spell, you can upgrade your Wooden / Silver Catalyst into the powerful Insanity Catalyst with the Old Monk’s Soul. It drastically increases the damage of your magic attacks, but lowers max MP by 50%.
  • Second Chance: Revival spell created from the Old Hero’s Soul, the second boss of 4-2 [Ritual Path]. This is a miracle that instantly revives you when you die, bringing you back with 50% HP. And it can be used again when you revive. Trade the soul to Saint Urbain to get it.
  • God’s Wrath: A powerful Miracle blast of energy created from the Dragon God’s Soul — the final boss of 2-3 [Stonefang Tunnel]. This is one of the most powerful spells in the game, and can damage enemies through walls.
    • Equip the Ring of Sincere Prayer to boost its damage.