Full Recap Ubisoft Forward 2020

With the current health outbreak pandemic that is going on right now in the world, most events had been cancelled. We’re practicing our social distancing, staying quarantined at home, and as a result, most events that were planned had been transitioning to online streams. For instance, E3 2020 was cancelled and in its place, we have a variety of live streams to showcase content that was intended for the expo. Ubisoft just held their event known as Ubisoft Forward where we got some new trailers and reveals. If you happened to miss the event, we’ll offer a quick recap on everything showcased down below.

Watch Dogs Legion

A new short film for the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion started the event off. We got a look at London where we got a look at the downfall of society thanks to the regime as we see ordinary heroes take part in the resistance in hopes of making some positive change. Additionally, there was a game trailer also showcasing some of the antagonists you’ll have to face against. Once again, we got some reiteration that any NPC can be recruited to Dedsec and each can offer some unique attributes or tools that will further aid in a mission. Furthermore, we can expect this game to release into the market on October 29, 2020.


It looks like Brawlhalla, the popular fighter that’s been free-to-play, is finally going to make its way onto the mobile market. Both android and iOS users will be able to download the game and enjoy cross-play with other platforms. This mobile port will be available on August 6.

Might and Magic EoC

Might and Magic fans were also treated to some news for the IP. Might and Magic EOC is currently available for those who have an android platform.

Elite Squad

A trailer for Elite Squad was showcased during the event. While the trailer offers a notice for the game is coming soon, we’re still waiting to see just when the game will hit the marketplace. At any rate, if you’ve been eager to dive into the game then check out the latest trailer above.

Rainbow Six Siege

It’s been several years since Rainbow Six Siege released. It’s clear that this game has really thrived over the years with a massive community continuously enjoying the game today. Today Ubisoft was able to confirm that the game had hit 60 million players strong.

Hyper Scape

The new battler royale shooter from Ubisoft also made an appearance. While so many players were able to enjoy this game through beta, this latest trailer gives players a bit of insight within the in-game world. Essentially, the world has taken up with VR, giving society a way of an escape and with it a competitive game for citizens to face against each other. However, the world of Hyper Scape has proven to be faulty and there are secrets that may be waiting for players to uncover. If you haven’t received access to the game then starting today there is an open beta for players to try the title out.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

As expected, there was some footage showcased for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While this game had been leaked quite a bit, we can at least have a new trailer for players to enjoy without the worry of links quickly disappearing online. Overall, Ubisoft is hoping to give fans a look inside the Viking culture where most dubbed them as senseless violence, but here we get a look at the reasons behind their expansion. This game will be available for players to pick up on November 17, 2020, for current-generation platforms and next-generation releases.

Far Cry 6

While it was leaked ahead of time, Far Cry 6 was available to close out the event. We are given a quick look at a regime that is being torn down by its citizens but not without a great push back from its government. While we are waiting for a gameplay trailer, the official cinematic trailer unveil does state that the title is intended to release on February 18, 2021.