10 Unbelievable Video Game Rumors That Turned Out To Be True

Fighting Cars [Enter The Matrix]

Enter The Matrix was an ambitious idea at the time — fully-integrating a movie and a video game, with extra scenes filmed with the film’s actors. The game ended up being a disappointment, but the hacking menu became an object of fascination for fans. We just had to unlock the secrets of that menu, and boy was there one incredible code.

Using the hacking menu, its possible to input cheat codes to give all the effects you’d expect; making yourself more powerful, unlimited ammo, unlimited focus, etc. But, there’s also a code to unlock a bizarre multiplayer mode that’s unlike anything else in the game. This insane fighting game mode even gives you control of the weirdest warriors ever — cars. Yes, you can punch, kick, jump and block with vehicles boned-up to match human choreography. When I heard about this, it sounded too good to be true.

The Mew Glitch [Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow]

Mew, the originator of the legendary Mewtwo, was a subject of rumor for Pokémon-obsessed kids such as myself. We all wondered what Mew was, and how to get it — and, as it turned out, getting Mew was only possible for people that physically attended certain Nintendo events. But, by performing a very specific glitch, it is possible to catch Mew in any of the main Gen 1 Pokémon games.

The glitch itself is pretty complicated — requiring an Abra with Teleport 2, and some very, very specific button presses at just the right time. If you follow the instructions on this Bulbapedia entry, you could spawn your very own Mew. The trick even works in future releases of the games! Getting this glitch Mew uploaded to any of the Pokémon Storage services is a lot trickier, though.

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